Episode 10 – Aviation New Media Meet-Up

This week, Max and Court are joined by an army of aviation new media members who talk about their projects.  It’s a long episode, but well worth it.

List of Guests –

Roger Bishop – IndyTransponder.com aviation blog.

Rod Rakic – myTransponder.com aviation social networking site

Harry Love – jetrecord.com aviation social networking site.

Pilot Will & Daveflys – Pilot’s Flight PodLog podcast and aPilotsStory.com.

Dan Webb – danwebb.us airline and aviation business blog.

Rob Mark – jetwhine.com aviation blog.

Ted Erickson – aviationbull.com aviation articles.

Stephen Force – airspeedonline.com podcast.

Bill Williams – Studentpilotcast.com podcast.

Todd Curtis – airsafe.com and the podcast.airsafe.org podcast.

Courtney Miller & Max Flight – AirplaneGeeks.com podcast.

We also had several people who were unable to make it, but are also engaged in Aviation New Media:

Bob Collins rvnewsletter.blogspot.com Letters From Flyover Country blog.

Paul Hamrick – airlinepilotcentral.com pilot community and forums.

Brett Snyder – CrankyFlier.com airline blog.

Ru Hartwell – treeflights.com environmentally concious site for aviators.

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