2nd Aviation New Media Meet-up

Max and Court are proud to welcome the aviation new media during our second aviation new media meet-up.  This one’s a bit long, and the sound quality isn’t necessarily the greatest, but we more than make up for it in content.  Here’s a list of those who joined us:

Steve Tupper – Airspeed Podcast

Captain Chris – Plane Madness Podcast

Martt – AirPigz.com

Jack Hodgson – Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast

Jen Whitley – Avweb

Dave Flys – Pilot Flight Pod Log and APilotsStory.com

Roger Bishop – Indy Transponder

Rod Rakic – MyTransponder.com

Susan Pruitt – Flight Plan Magazine

Rob Mark – JetWhine Blog

Thanks to all who joined in the discussion!  Make sure to check back here regularly for some possible announcements of some more roundtable discussions.