Episode 30 – Speaking With Dr. Alfred Kahn

Dr. Alfred Kahn, the Father of U.S. Airline Deregulation Max and Court are pleased to bring you an interview with Dr. Alfred Kahn, the father of U.S. airline deregulation.  Dr. Kahn led the push for airline deregulation during the late 70’s and has been called on for airline industry advice ever since.  Dr. Kahn is the only guest we’ve had on the Airplane Geeks with his own Wikipedia page.


First LASP Hearing Draws A Crowd

TSA catches heat over private aviation proposals

Aviation Biofuels: More Hype Than Hope?

NTSB gives an update on the Denver crash

AirAsia unveils plans for own airport outside Malaysian capital

Five Big Changes Coming to Air Travel in 2009

Max’s pick of the week is www.air-valid.co.uk.

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