This is Court’s last episode as he leaves the podcast to head North in search of employment.  Rob Mark from and Dan Webb from replace Courtney as Max’s co-hosts and, as usual with these two, things get funny quickly.

Max’s pick of the week is AerHub.

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6 Responses to “Episode 51 – Farewell Courtney”

  1. maxflight

    Listener Rich sent this via email:

    Hi guys,

    There’s a 3-part spoof documentary about pilots from the BBC show “People Like Us”. It’s on YouTube.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:

    Good for not just pilots but anyone in the industry, and very funny.


    June 10th, 2009 | 6:24 pm
  2. maxflight

    Listener Bob writes:

    “Listening to episode #51 re: the Air France crash and the lack of position reports with the maintenance messages, there’s a system that works for me on my Cessna: the Spot Messerger. For about $150 + $150/year the device sends my GPS position to a low orbit satellite which sends a text message or plots the positions on a web page. So – the technology is not only here, it’s cheap!”

    June 12th, 2009 | 5:36 pm
  3. maxflight

    Stephen sent this to the Airplane Geeks. Be sure to watch the video:

    “Just wanted to start off by saying I enjoyed the last two episodes of the podcast, sad to hear Court leave but I am positive things will keep going every week. Anyway below is a link to a news article on a DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver that crashed at Lake Hood last week along with a video someone shot of the crash. It’s incredible and glad the family and dogs are safe!”



    My LGB Blog –

    June 13th, 2009 | 11:55 am
  4. maxflight

    OK, one more video sent in by Stephen. This landing had my heart in my throat the whole time:

    “I thought you guys would like this video below.”


    June 13th, 2009 | 12:04 pm
  5. maxflight

    Mini sends this comment:

    “On the ryanair point i am a frequent flyer with ryanair and i always find there service is good i find the toilet idea good .With the delays all of my delays are sent in the airport terminal”

    ..and also:

    “Two Intresting Videos”

    June 14th, 2009 | 6:16 am
  6. maxflight

    Grant passes this along:

    “Hey there,

    There’s been some interesting developments in the Airbus instrumentation world and potential causes for the Air France A330 crash.

    Aviatrix over at the Cockpit Conversation blog (a most excellent read, I might add :) has a reference to an Air Caraibes A330 encounter with severe icing and the conflicting reports the computer systems were giving the flight crew plus Airbus’ confusing & contradictory checklists. Definitely worth a read:

    Meanwhile, Dave from the Flight Level 390 blog (also a most excellent read :) gives a great overview of the Airbus computerised Fly By Wire system’s modes of operation and protection, plus a very interesting commentary from a reader:

    Is it possible that the Air France A330 encountered icing that led to faulty readings from the pitot systems that, in turn, lead to confusing information on the flight deck during turbulance, all of which conspired to confuse the crew and resulted in the aircraft going into an unrecoverable situation?

    Seriously WOW, folks!



    June 14th, 2009 | 11:22 am