Episode 53 – Benet, Jon, and Mary

Photo courtesy François Brévot

Co-hosts Rob, Dan, and Max are joined by guests Jon Ostrower (Flightblogger), Benet Wilson (AviationWeek), and Mary Kirby (RunwayGirl). This episode focuses on the Paris Airshow, but we’ve also got Dan’s interview with with Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, our report from the boys down under at the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk, a This Week in Aviation segment, a bit by Courtney (remember him?), and listener mail.

Rob selected sky-lens as this week’s aviation website pick of the week. There you’ll find great aviation photographs by François Brévot, including those you see in this post, taken at the 2009 Paris Air Show.

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Photo courtesy François Brévot www.sky-lens.com

Photos courtesy François Brévot sky-lens

3 thoughts on “Episode 53 – Benet, Jon, and Mary

  1. maxflight Post author

    Jamie sent this in:

    Hey Y’all!

    I thought you would enjoy this, if you haven’t already seen it, and
    assuming it’s not BS. I didn’t check it too thoroughly for veracity.
    It doesn’t show up on Snopes.com though :o)

    Cheers! Jamie

    Read the detailed experience of the NASA pilot who flew the 747 carrying
    the space shuttle Atlantis back to the Kennedy Space Center from
    Columbus AFB, where it recovered after the Hubble repair mission.. A bit
    lengthy, but trust me… worth every second reading. Very good
    narrative of what it was like to fly with the quirks and challenges of a
    very heavily loaded and ‘draggy’ B747. You will feel that you were
    there (Makes it sound like the astronauts had the easy part, which we
    know can’t be so.)

    [What follows is an interesting but rather long email from the pilot “Triple Nickel.” Rather than take up space here, I found another page that has the email text, so I’ll just post the link here…


    Enjoy. Max]

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