Episode 63 – Free Junk Kept Forever

Dan Webb at NBTA International Convention & Exposition

This episode’s guest is Mike Friesen, Principal at Leading Strategies, a provider of  consulting services and coaching for aviation executives, particularly in the airport industry. He’s also a former U.S. military pilot, having flown the F-4 Phantom and the F-15.

We talk about aviation news from the past week and we have a report from the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk (which is expecially amusing this time). We also have our This Week in Aviation history lesson from David Vanderhoof, and some listener mail.

The news:

A photo of the Etrich Taube, the airplane mentioned in David’s This Week in Aviation segment as the first aerial bombardment of a city by a fixed wing aircraft, can be found in Wikipedia.

The photo above is of our own Dan Webb at the National Business Travel Association International Convention & Exposition. It was taken when he wasn’t collecting free junk.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Free Junk Kept Forever

  1. Kevin

    Now I see why Dan liked that V Australia booth. Wow!

    I wonder how the FA on Dan’s left doesn’t tip over.

  2. maxflight Post author

    [Richard writes…]

    Howdy! Thank you for all of the great work by y’all on AGP — I enjoy it a lot and look forward to it!

    If you’re on Facebook, you might find my recent pics from a pilgrimage to Willow Run interesting.


    [Richard: feel free to let us know who you are on Facebook! Max]

  3. maxflight Post author

    [Chris Van Deusen writes…]

    Greetings Airplane Geeks!

    My name is Chris Van Deusen and I am writing to you on behalf of MotoArt. We came across your podcast and thought we should drop you an email and say hi. Hi! If you haven’t heard of us before, MotoArt makes high-quality furniture and art pieces out of vintage airplane parts. For over 10 years we have been helping people own a piece of aviation history. You can check out our site at http://www.motoart.com to see what products take flight.

    After looking over your site and podcasts, I thought MotoArt might be an interesting topic for your subscribers and for yourself. You have a really interesting podcast and it’s great to see other fans of aviation out there. If you would like any more information on MotoArt please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Chris Van Deusen
    MotoArt Public Relations

    [I know MotoArt – it’s really interesting stuff. Where else can you get a radial piston desk lamp or a coffee table made from a C-119 landing gear door? We’ll see if we can give you a mention on the show. -Max]

  4. Jamie

    I love the Aussies! They are so funny. As a Expat POMIE, I even understand them. Me Dad & Mum spoke cockney, it’s very similar…

    Cheers! Jamie

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