Episode 64 – Experiential Journeys

South African Airways photo. http://www.flysaa.com/
Guest Jeffrey Ward, the Savvy Navigator, has been in the travel industry for over 20 years, about half of that with American Airlines. He now provides travelers with experiential journeys to places like South Africa, Argentina, and Costa Rica.

We have the week’s aviation news and our report from the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk. David Vanderhoof joins us for his This Week in Aviation history lesson, Dan Webb interviews Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, and we have some listener mail.

The news:

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7 thoughts on “Episode 64 – Experiential Journeys

  1. Kevin

    Hey guys,

    I have to say I can’t agree with your comment in this episode about there being virtually no crossover between airplane geeks and military aviation geeks. I do what I can to keep up with anything that flies, grey or white.

    Whether it’s how the airline biz is doing (or not, as the case may be), or which countries are buying F-35s (again… or not, as the case may be) I’m into it. Last year I closely followed the issues the USAF was having with their F-15s falling apart at the seams, I keep up with what aircraft are being purchased for defense contracts (particularly here in Canada, being that I’m a canuck, but elsewhere as well), and I also enjoy your podcast to keep up with what’s going on in the commercial aviation world as well… who’s buying out who, which companies are make which changes, and who’s composite wings are causing massive delays.

    If it flies, it’s all good.


  2. dcipod

    Sad to say this, but the quality of this podcast has eroded seriously over the past several months. It has become rambling, unfocused and undisciplined. And, it is all-too-often hi-jacked by a certain relatively new guest host who interrupts too much and tends to make too many lame attempts at humor. This most recent episode highlighting “experiential journeys” for gay travelers is the final straw. WTF, indeed. I’ll be removing this podcast from my iTunes download list. Too many other quality programs competing for my time. I hope you guys can get your mojo back.

  3. Rob Mark

    Hey dcipod, what do you mean lame attempts at humor? I work very hard to steal the show where I can. But then I had a very difficult childhood and have many inadequacies to overcome.

    I personally think Max and Dan go out of their way to put up with me.

    Seriously, with Court gone and Dan and I being the new guys on the block working with Max, I’d be more surprised if people found the show exactly the same. My guess is Court would be crushed thinking he could have been so easily replaced.

    Sorry you’re leaving, but how will you ever know if we find our mojo again if you’re not around to tell us?


  4. Tracy

    Referencing the segment on the tactical laser firing from the C-130. You missed a sort of companion piece found at
    about a test firing of a different laser installation in a modified B747-400. I was indirectly involved with the program when the laser was being installed in a NKC-135. My group was doing wind tunnel tests on the turret and fairing on the top of the aircraft.
    And as for big airplanes flying low… When a General with a Tactical background took over Military Airlift Command (now AMC) it was decided that all the airlift aircraft should be flying the same types of maneuvers. Result: we were flying the C-5 at 240 kts. on 500′ AGL low-level navigation routes and making 45 deg. banked turns for course corrections. Fun times.

  5. maxflight Post author

    [Jaime sends in:]

    Have you guys seen this web page? Funny even for a guy who rides in the

    Cheers! Jamie


    [This is a great humor site. It’s “a collection of cartoons and videos that those who’ve lived the life of an airline pilot or flight attendant will truly appreciate.

    “Cut-and-paste the cartoons, send them to your friends, save ‘em–whatever you want, because they’re for you—or I should say, for all of us on a flightcrew—who need a laugh or two to survive this zoo.

    “Send this link to others, and visit often for new cartoons. As they happen on the line, they’ll find their way here–so if we ever fly together, you might find yourself on these pages!” — Max]

  6. Benn Britton

    I have to agree with dcipod in as much as the show ‘.. has become rambling, unfocused and undisciplined. And, it is all-too-often hi-jacked by a certain relatively new guest host who interrupts too much and tends to make too many lame attempts at humor.’

    I THINK IT’S GREAT! Keep it up and I’ll KEEP listening.

    Thanks guys.

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