Episode 65 – Build Your Own

Guest Jeremy Monnett, the CEO of Sonex Aircraft, joins Rob and Max to talk about building your own airplane. Sonex is also developing other interesting kit planes, including jet and electric powered versions and we talk about those as well.

We have aviation news from the past week as well as the report from the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk. David Vanderhoof joins us for his This Week in Aviation history lesson and we have some listener mail.

Dan couldn’t make it for this episode (although we note he’s been spending time at the Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast), but he sneaks in with a recorded interview with Simon Talling Smith, Executive VP of the America’s for British Airways.

The news:

Also mentioned this episode:

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13 thoughts on “Episode 65 – Build Your Own

  1. maxflight Post author


    I heard the same thing when I was editing the podcast. It’s pretty annoying, isn’t it! I was actually able to clip out some of the “clips” when they were isolated from speech, but some I couldn’t.

    So, I know I wasn’t clipping MY nails during the podcast. Dan? Robb???


  2. maxflight Post author

    [Doug (Junior Flyer Chief Pencil) writes:]

    Hi Guys, love your show (although I am only a newcomer to it,
    currently working through some past episodes). Gotta love the
    net! Keep up the good work!

    Doug (Junior Flyer Chief Pencil)

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    Captain Turb Coriolis

  3. Mini

    May i take the time to reflect on DCIpod’s comment, i think that dan has added so much to the programme even thought he can not be as good as court but i enjoy his sense of humour.
    The podcast has lighted up many of nights when i’ve been ill.Its been a great rollercoaster.




  4. maxflight Post author

    Mini: We are very pleased to have you as a devoted listener, and hope your health returns to you.


  5. maxflight Post author

    [Rich sent this in via David Vanderhoof”]

    Subject: Gaping hole in last week’s history lesson!
    You missed September 15, Battle of Britian day! I think you need to give that a retroactive mention next week. 😉


  6. David Apkarian

    DCIpod’s comments…..Hmmmm Well I guess just realize you can’t please everyone all the time. While I am also not into gay travel it is a segment of the travel industry as well as an aviation topic and I applauded you for having Jeff on the podcast. As for the quality…it’s a podcast not a professionally produced radio program with thousands of dollars behind it. You guys do a great job, don’t let people like this get you down, and if he could not take the episode then he is not a true Airplane Geek. So let’s get real here and don’t change a thing! Rob, Dan and Max you are doing great keep it up.

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  8. maxflight Post author

    David: How did your blog escape my notice??? Gee, I gotta get it into ThirtyThousandFeet.com!


  9. maxflight Post author

    David A.:

    Thanks for the kind comments. I appreciate you taking the time to write!

    We try to celebrate being airplane geeks, and there are certainly a huge number of aviation topics that fall under that. For me personally, the point was to talk a bit about how the airline experience contributes to the overall travel experience. The lifestyles of the travelers (or gender or religion, or fingernail length) was not the point.

    Sure, we did talk about some aspects of this that are specific to gay travelers. I’m always interested in learning more about something I don’t know, but again, the point was something else.

    On the topic of recording quality, you’re right David, we’re not audio professionals. But we do try to keep getting better. I actually spend a lot of time between episodes learning about voice recording, and slowly we get better and better.

    Anyway, keep the comments coming in folks!


  10. Bob Lynn

    Hi Guys,
    I don’t know if you will allow this but I have a Goldwing kit for sale. Complete with Cuyana engine and all. These were very popular when ultralites were first introduced. It is a single passenger canard style. I am asking $2,200.00. Try me at bobby@alexssa.net. Thanks Bob

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