Episode 66 – Chocolate Thunder

The 767-based tanker refuels an F-22 fighter jet. (Artist Rendering by Chuck Schroeder)
Dan Webb takes time off, Steve Visscher drops in, and David Vanderhoof spends the entire episode with Rob and Max as they talk aviation news and history. Steve and Grant provide another report from the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk, and the week’s listener mail includes a great recording of “The Top 10 Ways to Tell Your Father is an Airplane Geek.”

The news:

From David’s This Week in Aviation:

and David’s new blog, What Just Flew By!

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5 thoughts on “Episode 66 – Chocolate Thunder

  1. maxflight Post author

    [Jim writes:]

    I really enjoyed this weeks podcast (66). I did miss Dan’s quirkiness.

    I enjoyed your discussion about regional pilots (pay vs quality). I am a professional pilot (8000+ hours), though not for an airline and I for one would not consider the airlines when I retire from my current flying job specifically because of the pay. I would like to try the airlines only because it is very different from the type of flying I have done for most of my career but the pay is so far below what I could make working part time doing charters or contract work that is out of the question. I am not sure how many aspiring airline pilots listen but I’d bet there are some. It might be good to have a discussion about the real world of the airline pilot’s lifestyle. Many airline pilots have told me that they wish they had gone in with a little better knowledge. It is not like the “old days” when you would spend many years working your way through the system of flying jobs and in doing so you got to see more of the industry. Prior to the recession, many of today’s professional pilots were, and still are coming out of schools with 100K+ debt and an interview with a regional to make 18-25K a year. When the economy turns around it will be back to that again. There are many ways to make a living in aviation (even as a pilot) without flying for an airline and having to go through all of the trials (furloughs, unions, QOL, mergers, bankruptcies, etc) of the industry. I realize that you guys already know this and likely have been through some of this yourselves so some insight from your experience may be helpful to those aspiring for a career in the industry.


  2. Mini's Friend

    I am just contacting you on behalf of mini, As he is currently undergoing a operation in hospital and will be away from the computer to download the podcast (but hey what are friend’s for i will have to download it and tell him about).

    Kind Regards


  3. Doug - Junior Flyer Chief Pencil

    Hi guys,
    great episode this week, and thanks for the mention of our website. No more taking time off, Max… The other guys might move to Australia.

    Possibly of interest to your listeners with kids… we have recently put up a free 24-page inflight activity book, aimed at entertaining and educating them when they fly. As any parent knows, keeping the kids quiet and busy is the secret to an enjoyable flight. Your First Class chardonnay or your Economy water-and-peanut will taste better if the kids are quietly occupied rather than fighting, screaming, kicking the seat in front and tormenting the flight attendant.

    Anyway, its a freebie… download and print. It’s literary value is worth everything you will pay for it. (juniorflyer.com)

    Love your show, wouldn’t miss it for quids. My wife wonders why I walk around the house with wires in my ears, chuckling. I told her “it turns out I’m an airplane geek.” She just groaned and said “You’ve only just worked that out?”


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