Episode 69 – Rob and David

Predator B by General Atomics (http://www.ga.com/)

Airplane Geeks Historian David Vanderhoof joins Rob and Max as they discuss the week’s aviation news. David also provides his This Week in Aviation history segment, Steve and Grant have the Australia Desk report, and Court returns with another Wiskey Tango Foxtrot look at aviation.

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8 thoughts on “Episode 69 – Rob and David

  1. miller22

    My favorite part is the WTF. The guys who does that bit is just dreamy!

    Great job on the outtakes this week! Poor Dan get’s picked on when he’s not there, but that’s what happens when you choose school ahead of the Airplane Geeks. Lesson learned. 😉

  2. maxflight Post author

    We only rag on people we like, and since we like Dan a lot he gets the full brunt of it!

    The WTF is pretty good, eh? We should have that guy on more often!

  3. maxflight Post author

    [Peter sent this in:]

    Hello, fellow airline geeks.

    I just recently discovered your podcast and thought you might be
    interested in this.

    I represent the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 tribute group; a group of
    crash survivors and families who were touched by the December 29, 1971 crash of Eastern Airlines flight 401 near Miami (the first crash of a
    jumbo jet, which killed 101 people). As you are probably aware, this
    crash gave birth to CRM training, something that is again very much in
    the news given this weeks US Air airport overshoot.

    We currently have two websites on the crash and efforts to erect a
    memorial on the crash site, which you can visit here:
    http://eastern401.googlepages.com/ and

    The group, includes crash survivors Ron Infantino, stewardesses Mercy
    Ruiz and Beverly Raposa as well as some of the rescue workers from
    that night and aviation safety professionals. The group has recently
    been sharing their stories of survival and rescue and the resulting
    changes in pilot training to interested parties (US Coast Guard
    station at Opa Loka, the Airliners International 2009 event held in
    Orlando, etc) and I was wondering if you’d like to have some of us as
    guests on your podcast?

  4. Jim

    Great show! I found it interesting how many regional pilots seem to be concerned about this on various airline blogs. I would think that regional pilots would be the most enthusiastic about this. I agree that this (if passed into law) will have to have a positive effect on their pay and/or QOL. If there are not qualified replacements available and the trend of pilots moving on the other carriers as they gain experience continues, something will have to be done to fill the gap and stop the losses. This can only be good for those pilots at the regionals that are qualified for those seats.

  5. Doc

    I have a Eastern Airlines button down blue & white stripped shirt with a sewn-on logo on the front and a BIG sewn on logo on the back.
    Plus a Eastern Airlines box cutter.

    Any idea if these are worth anything?



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