Episode 91 – Flying with Chris Manno

Chris Manno- FlightcrewZoo.com

Our guest this episode is Chris Manno, an airline captain, teacher at Embry-Riddle University and sometimes at Texas Christian University, and writer of the JetHead blog. He also cartoons about life at the airline over at FlightcrewZoo.

We have a special appearance by Christopher White, Director of Public Relations for AirTran Airways. Chris was with us way back in Episode 48 to talk about AirTran’s inflight WiFi. This episode, Chris contributes to the discussion about the recent Southwest and AirTran videos “poking fun” at each other:

The week’s aviation news:

As ususal, we have our This Week in Aviation history lesson and the report from the Australia Desk.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 91 – Flying with Chris Manno

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  2. Kim Welch

    I was a little taken aback when your guest Chris alluded to regional carriers being governed by Part 91. Even after Rob corrected him, his statement to the effect that, “but they operate under different rest rules than we do” was allowed to stand. That is not the case except for 121 operators with fewer than 30 seats …. and I don’t think many of the regionals being discussed …. specifically not the Colgan crash …. come under that exception.

    Ironically, when a 121 carrier does operate a small a/c under the allowed 135 flight time/ duty time rules, then the maximum duty day rules are MORE stringent, not less.


  3. Max Flight

    [Ken writes…]


    I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful and entertaining podcast.

    I’m also a pilot, work for ASA, flying right seat on the -200 out of ATL. I catch your show while at the gym or during my long commutes.


    BTW – The new Passenger Bill of Rights you guys mentioned in the last show, I got to witness its effects first hand this year. ATL had 2 major snow days this winter (actually 3, the 3rd was forecasted, but it never materialized), creating major system wide cancellations for DAL. What a mess that was, and just as you guys pointed out, most of the cancellations were merely precautionary by DAL, they simply did not want to risk any extensive ground delays as a result of the new Bill.

  4. Max Flight

    [From Kevin:]

    Airplane Geeks,

    Just wanted to inform you about my documentary film “Pappy Boyington Field”.

    Pappy Boyington was the leader of the famed VMF-214 Black Sheep Squadron in the Pacific during WWII, an ACE Fighter Pilot, POW, and recipient of the Medal of Honor. Many people will remember the popular television series “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, which starred Hollywood icon Robert Conrad as Pappy.

    You can learn more at the website: http://www.PappyBoyingtonField.com

    The film tells the story of the grass-roots effort to honor this WWII Aviator in the town of his birth, with a commemorative airfield naming, and the campaign was not without controversy.

    It has been shown at aviation events like EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshow, and the Museum of Flight in Seattle. The documentary has just launched on DVD.

    Please consider sharing this news with your fans.

    Best regards,

    Kevin Gonzalez
    (208) 651-4479

  5. Jamie Dodson

    Airplane geeks! Despite the prognostications of the global warming junta, spring came late to the south this year – further damning their questionable predictions, if not the underlying science. The southland’s late spring is only germane since I normally listen to your podcast when mowing the lawn. Surprisingly, my comments are not about the excessive amounts of greenhouse gases pilots dump in the upper atmosphere in the name of the Transportation Gods. It concerns show 92 and the particularly negative impact on my ability to decapitate the harmless weeds that, on occasion, pass as a lawn.

    In particular, Richard Aboulafia’s quips on United, other topics, and his lighting fast retorts (Carrion!) had me in stitches. When Richard returns, he should pitch the jokes. Sorry Rob! If Aboulafia wants to be an honorary Geek, he gets my vote. That is assuming that I have one.

    David Vanderhoof made my day when he mentioned the first Transpacific Flight of the “Pan American Clipper” in April 1935. The Clipper was S-42 flying boat and Airplane Geeks mentioned it – way to go! Says the author of Flying Boats & Spies.

    Been an Airplane Geeks listener since the early days of Courtney and I’m looking forward to show 100!

    Cheers! Guys, Jamie, http://www.nickgrantadventures.com

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