Episode 112 – Airline Security

Please Remove Your Shoes

Our guest this episode is Fred Gevalt, founder of The Air Charter Guide and a bit of a political activist, having successfully sued the FAA in 1998 on behalf of his air charter constituency. Fred’s a pilot, he’s built airplanes himself, and he flies aircraft for business and recreation. Fred is also the executive producer of a new documentary film titled “Please Remove Your Shoes” which takes a critical look at airport and airline security, both pre and post September 11.

The week’s aviation news:


Thanks to special guest Steve Frischling from http://www.flyingwithfish.com/.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 112 – Airline Security

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  3. Paul

    Excellent interview with Bruce and kudos for taking a subject that for some reason the US public don’t want to talk about.

    Having grown up with terrorists and bombs in London in the 1980s (funded by the USA) I still find it outstanding how overboard this issue has become in the USA and how out of control “security” is now here.

    We just learned how to get on with life and not be afraid of our own shadows.

  4. Jamie Dodson

    Rob, UCON for the United & Continental Merger? How about CON-U? But my favorite name was David’s Varney Speed Lines!

    David, My character, Nick Grant, learns that Varney Speed Lines, becomes Continental (sort of) at the end of my second book CHINA CLIPPER. Varney was a terrible business man but what a visionary. David, do think that Varney would go back to Lockheed Orion Model 9?

    On a serious note: As Fred Gevalt, notes, the exiting airline security is a very expensive placebo. As a former SOF/INTEL guy, I gotta hope the bad guys are really stupid. That said, I doubt they are.

    When I was in the business, we got warning like the Pan Am 103 incidents often. It’s sifting the the wheat from the chaff. It’s not an excuse but an unsolved problem. Will recommend “Please Remove Your Shoes” to my former colleagues in the TSA Intel Shop. They are RED TEAM members have been fighting with the Ops guys for years.

    BTW, I camped at AirVenture this year and we had a the Mother of All T-Storms at 2am. Clearly, I have camped since my Viet Nam days… :o)

    I’ll need to ask Captain “Turb” Coriolis ( http://juniorflyer.com) for a Down Under Desk translation.

    Another fun pod casts! Thanks guys!

    Cheers! Jamie

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