Episode 113 – Bits and Pieces Again

The Geeks are off for the Labor Day holiday, but we’ve put together an interesting episode nonetheless.

Rob Mark talks to us about the origins of Labor Day, his role in the PATCO and ALPA labor unions, and the value of labor unions today.

David Vanderhoof attended the Atlantic City Airshow and brings us interviews with the Golden Knights, The Brazilian Smoke Squadron, A-10 Demonstration Team, and AV-8B from VMA-231 Harrier Demonstration Team. David also has his This Week in Aviation segment bringing us interesting historical items.

The guys from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have their Australia Desk report. It’s just been Father’s Day and sons Chris and Nykolai offer some pithy commentary as Steve and Grant talk about the Qantas uncontained engine failure, the Virgin Blue/Etihad tieup and the Qantas response.

Dan Webb and Courtney Miller teamed up to talk about some current news: 50 seat jets and their role in the future, and scope clauses and the United/Continental merger.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 113 – Bits and Pieces Again

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  2. Michael

    Rob’s opening piece on the labor movement was fantastic – both poignant and thought provoking. I am more and more impressed with this podcast each episode!

  3. Jamie Dodson

    Bits & Pieces:
    Rob Mark’s essay on the meaning of Labor Day was excellent – informative without being preachy. Rob stated his bias up front. He is the son of a Labor and Union leader and was one himself. Then he laid out his main points in a logical and compelling argument that seemed to belie his stated bias. He listed the union’s failures, like a unwillingness to change with the times and others. An unwillingness that has cost Americans many jobs. If we cut the trade deficit by half, we would have less than 5% unemployment.

    He noted that the workers (or should I say associates?) rights we enjoy were because of the unions. Those who entered the workforce post President Regan, may not have known that the unions fought hard for those rights and sometimes paid in blood.

    My critic can’t do justice to an excellent tribute to Labor without pulling any punches. As an expat Chicagoan, I salute you. So what’s gonna happen to Chi-Town without a Daily in the driver’s seat?

    Always good to hear Court, I hope he is able to contribute more often. And, as a history buff, I always enjoys David Vanderhoot’s This Week in Aviation. Especially when it headlines flying boats!

    Thanks Geeks!

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