Episode 121 – Jason is Wired on Aviation

Jason Paur joins as guest. He’s a contributing writer for Wired.com where Jason posts to the Autopia blog. Find Jason on Twitter as @jasonpaur. We talk about the week’s aviation news and some of Jason’s recent articles, including Exclusive: We Fly An Electric Airplane and SpaceShipTwo First Glide Flight Details From The Pilot.

The week’s aviation news:


Also see Steve and Grant’s Australia Desk archive and their Flight Time Radio segments.

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One thought on “Episode 121 – Jason is Wired on Aviation

  1. Jamie Dodson

    A-380 reporting and comments: Fantastic, great analysis without the hyperbole. Steve and Grant’s Australia Desk was a thought provoking and insightful segment. Max’s comments on Twitter reporting sums up my experience. It’s like the canary in the coal mine, you get a good idea that something is happening but no clue what. I always go to the more credible websites that are seldom the first but invariably the more accurate.

    Max’s engineer side showed with his very lucid explanation why people yell on cell phones. Right to the crux of the matter – battery energy density. The Defense Labs are working hard on the problem and breakthroughs are on the horizon. The distant horizon – first we’ve got get a line of some unobtainium. P&W is developing some neat micro turbines under but perhaps not right for cell phones. Heat sinks are heavy…

    Enjoyed the Jon Norris guest appearance. As, always learn something from your guests.

    History: Great R6V story – love bean counters. Yea- FLYING BOATS and STAGGER WINGS! Please do a piece on 75th China Clipper Anniversary November 22d, 1935. I’d love to hear David do a piece on air supplied military efforts like Stalingrad, Market Garden, The Chindits (officially in 1943 77th Indian Infantry Brigade) and, Battle of Dien Bien Phu. How about some examples of success as well? Thanks for the Vet Shout Out.

    Peter Johnson’s AN-2: Is there anything aviation David doesn’t know about? Wow!

    Dan, my son is also getting a supply chain management BS. Great Degree but please, no dating game. PLEASE!

    Cheers! Jamie

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