Episode 124 – Body Scanners & Cougars, Oh My!

F-35s in Flight Guest Kelly Skyles is the National Safety and Security Coordinator for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants which represents about 17,000 American Airlines Flight Attendants. We talk about the past week’s aviation news, especially all the recent airport security problems, and David has his This Week in Aviation history segment. Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast sent their Australia Desk report and Pieter Johnson brings us his latest Across the Pond segment. Plus, Harriet drops by to say hello! The week’s aviation news:


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5 thoughts on “Episode 124 – Body Scanners & Cougars, Oh My!

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  2. Errolwi

    Another good episode Geeks!
    David’s comments about the PanAm trans-Pacific survey flight stirred me to finally tidy up and post a photo that my grandfather took of Capt Musick’s survey flight to Auckland NZ.
    There is a much better later photo of the same flying boat at

    Grant and Steve thoughts about the NZ miners are much appreciated. Unfortunately there has been another explosion, and all 29 must now be considered dead. RIP

  3. Alex

    Hi Fellas,
    I agree with David, this body pat down think and scanners are just way over the top. I’m not sure how I would react, but I can say I am not a terrorist, and am insulted that anyone would think I am. I don’t agree with any of the arguments that people have for it, they in my mind are just puppets to these stupid draconian laws. The Government should pull their heads in, it is just a power trip!! If they were serious they would have this mess cleaned up long ago. I suppose if anyone is against it than maybe we will be flagged and subjected to the pat downs to teach us a lesson! The TSA people don’t like doing it (they say) I bet some of them get a kick out of their new found power!!

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