Episode 128 – Planesafe with Jillian

Kids Fly Safe

Jillian Gustafson, Board member of the National Air Disaster Alliance/Foundation joins the geeks as this episode’s guest. Members of the organization include air crash survivors, family members, aviation professionals and those who support the founding goals – Safety, Security, Survivability, and Support for Victims’ Families. Jillian tweets as @planesafeorg, and also blogs for the group.

We also have the aviation news from the past week, Steve and Grant’s Australia Desk Report, and Pieter Johnson with his Across the Pond segment.

The week’s aviation news:


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Happy holidays to all our listeners!

Post photo courtesy Kids Fly Safe.

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  2. Peter

    – This week in Aviation History –

    This week marks a tragic moment in aviation history, the first crash of a jumbo jet, thirty eight years ago on December 29th, 1972. 103 people died when the four month old Lockheed L-1011 crashed into the Everglades while on approach into Miami International Airport.

    The crash is well documented as one of the earliest examples of an accident caused by poor cockpit communication. Cockpit Resource Management, taught today in flight schools, is one of the positive results of this tragedy.

    The tales of survival and heroism in the dark swamp that night yielded a made-for-tv movie in 1978, The Crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401.

    If that flight number sounds familiar, it is because tales of the ghosts of the dead flight crew haunting another EAL jet created quite a stir in the mid-1970’s, leading to yet another book and movie about the crash, The Ghosts of Flight 401.

    Survivors will be meeting this Wednesday at the 94th Aerosquadron restaurant in Miami if any of you would like to stop by and say hello.

    Love the podcast, guys.

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