Episode 131 – News, Listener Mail, and Politics


Max, Rob, Dan, and David discuss the week’s aviation news and spend time with listener mail. Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have a great Australia Desk Report, and Pieter Johnson brings the European perspective with his Across the Pond segment.

The week’s aviation news:

Listener mail:

Seventeen year old Nick looks forward to being a commercial pilot. Keith introduces us to the HowItFlies.com aircraft directory. Jim asks about downloadable Airplane Geeks segments. Jordan has some questions about 787 delays and Boeing’s strategy. John points out the flight of the Chinese J-20 stealth fighter. Dawson explains PAPI lights. Alex comments on American security paranoia. Another Alex says the U.S. Government needs to chill out. Micah reports on the improving health of Harriet and her desire to fly away.


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9 thoughts on “Episode 131 – News, Listener Mail, and Politics

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  2. Kevin

    Dan: If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if a terrorist DOESN’T try to take down an airplane and the TSA therefore doesn’t stop him, have they done an effective job?

  3. Steve Visscher

    The point Dan made about the so called “underwear bomber” is one I’ve been trying to make in various new media circles ever since it happened – The guy didn’t get on the plane in the US. No-one in the media (or self interested politicians for that matter) ever seem to mention this fact.

    This so called enhanced security is little more than a theatrical pantomime that may look fancy, but achieves little more than to make the US a very undesirable place to want to come to. And right at a point where your economy needs all the tourism & business it can get.

    You don’t see this kind of TSA inspired madness going on anywhere else around the world, nor do we see aircraft raining out of the sky at the hands of terrorists. There are much smarter ways to go about this. The British have lived with the terror threat for far longer, and are very effective at countering it without treating their citizens in some sort 1950s McCarthy like manner. Another great example are the Israelis.

    The fact that Americans have their long cherished rights to trade away in the first place is no reason to even consider doing so.

  4. Alex

    Hi Fellas,
    I am the same Alex, Australia and China, sorry you didn’t realise that. What concerns me is that your Government is not doing anything about the terror attacks at all. They are just hyping it up all the time and using you all. It’s people like you, and WEB sites that should be pushing these incompetent Bosses into doing something, rather than going down these stupid draconian paths. Sorry to say this but your Bosses are worst than the terrorists. They are just killing the aviation industry. I sat on the fence once and watched the jets and the GA aircraft, does Dan understand what that is like?

  5. Alex

    Sorry Dan I ran out, mid way through, but seriously Dan do you really think things will change for your generation? My question is why should we be going down the trail we are? We aren’t going backwards at all because we didn’t have this rubbish before! People, I think, have always regarded pilots as a safe and secure bet, and the TSA ( and Govs) are trying their best to corrode that, of which, I take as very offensive. I am not a threat I’m a Pilot!!
    Alex Freezing Cold China
    Thanks Fellas

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  7. Ian Howard

    Re ETOPS

    No ETOPS does not mean no flight over water. ETOPS simply designates how far away from an alternative airport you are allowed to stray. Literally every plane has an automatic 60 minute allowance.

    Even with “no” ETOPS, ANA should have no trouble reaching most Asian destinations ie: Seoul, China, Singapore.

    Love the show

  8. felipe

    The Cessna 172S nav III (G1000) all come with lapbelt airbags standard

    Not exactly like the DA or Cirrus on the shoulder but its definitely standard airbags.

  9. ATC Ben

    I’m not aware of the Japanese ETOPS rules, down-under the 787 would get 60 minutes automatically (that’s non-ETOPS flight time (ISA, nil wind, single engine) to an adequate airport, note not alternate… different rules apply for selection). They may even qualify for 90 minutes EDTO (Extended Diversion Time Operations: The new ICAO definition of ETOPS to capture ALL extended range flights and remove the ‘free for all’ of the tri-jets and quads and place some sensible restrictions on there as far as equipment and reliability) it depends on what the type certificate says. Even if it’s officially ‘Non-ETOPS’ because it will be eventually, it would qualify for 75mins under Aussie rules because the fire suppression and maintenance systems would be designed to support ETOPS. As soon as the aircraft is certified ETOPS then it would get 90mins after that it’s carrier and regulator based out to the type certificate limit.

    I’ve flown a 182S Nav III with the airbag belts as well… but it was a rental so I’ve no idea if it was an option or standard.

    I’ve also flown in a new build A320 with Jetstar and they have the airbag belts fitted in all seats where you can’t reach the seat in front (ie front and exit rows). Like you guys I don’t know how useful it would be in an airliner crash at 130 odd knots.

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