Episode 142 – Chad from Aviation International News

Southwest Airlines

Guest Chad Trautvetter is the online news editor for Aviation International News (AIN) and also the editor of AINalerts, AIN’s twice a week electronic publication. Chad really knows General and Business Aviation, and just returned from the Sun n’ Fun International Fly-In & Expo at Lakeland, Florida. Follow AIN on Twitter at @AINonline and Chad at @AIN_SkyWriter.

David brings teaches us some aviation history, and Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast present their Australia Desk Report.

The week’s aviation news:


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4 thoughts on “Episode 142 – Chad from Aviation International News

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  2. a fan from ny

    Dear Airplane Geeks,

    I’ve been a fan of the podcast for about a year and generally enjoy it. However, lately I’ve noticed a trend of your guests being journalists and bloggers. Nothing against aviation writers, but why can’t you have more guests who are actually in aviation; like….pilots, air traffic controllers, airplane mechanics, airline executives, aeronautical engineers, etc?

    PS – I’m writing this from 34,000 feet above South Dakota via Go Go!

  3. Max Flight

    ny fan: Thanks for the feedback! We do try to cover all aspects of aviation with our guests, but it’s hard to maintain an even distribution of them. Guest scheduling turns out to be pretty complicated – the availability of a particular guest on any given Sunday (when we record) can be an issue. Also, it’s really hard to get airline executives on the show. Corporations are still nervous about this podcast thing.

    Nevertheless, we’ll try to round out the lineup with more aviators and folks in the industry. Specific suggestions (preferably with contact information) are always welcome.

    For Episode 143, Stephanie Gehman from Harrisburg International Airport is scheduled. If everything goes according to plan, Igor Sikorsky III will be our guest for Episode 144. He’s a float plane pilot who also has some experience with helicopters.

    Keep the feedback coming, folks!

  4. Brian Carlson

    Max, this kind of repeats something I mentioned on the telephone line, but it would really be cool if you could get some of the pilots who have interesting experiences to talk on the podcast. For example, wouldn’t it be fascinating to hear first-hand from the Southwest pilots who managed their plane so successfully after the roof tore open? They must have a story to tell!

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