Episode 143 – Little but Mighty

Harrisburg International Airport

Our guest this episode is Stephanie Gehman, the Manager of Marketing and Customer Service at Harrisburg International Airport (MDT). We talk about current airport issues and how this one competes with larger airports in the region. Follow them on Twitter at @HIAairport.

Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have another great Australia Desk Report.

In his Across the Pond segment Pieter Johnson talks with Tim Robinson, Editor of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s magazine Aerospace International about the effects of the UK Strategic Defence Review, where draconian cuts have been made to the Defence budget. Follow Tim on Twitter at @RAeSTimR, and Pieter at @Nascothornet.

The week’s aviation news:


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4 thoughts on “Episode 143 – Little but Mighty

  1. Jamie Dodson

    For David ref: 142. The Swedish Armed Forces were also involved in NATO IFOR and SFOR in 1995 – 1997. I served as the US Intelligence Community liaison to the Swedish contingent. The SECRET/NOFORN caveat was the bane of my existence. The Sweds had ground troops, intelligence assets, helicopters and a fantastic hospital. That said, I bow to David’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things about aviation history. I stand, or in this case sit, in awe.

    Cheers! Jamie

  2. Brian Carlson

    This was an especially good podcast, and part of the reason was Stephanie Gehman. I kind of wish she could have talked a little more about how KMDT serves the GA community.

    I’ve never flown into her airport, mainly because nearby Lancaster is known to people in our area to be very friendly to General Aviation, with a nice restaurant on the field as well as a well stocked pilot shop. Now, however, having heard from Stephanie, I will try out her airport next trip.

  3. Rich Stokoe

    “Suck it up!”

    Best episode ever!! You guys need to get Stephanie back on again soon! Preferably alongside Kelli Jones. Now THAT would be an awesome ep. Although I woudln’t expect much from Mr Webb surrounded by so many Airplane Geek Girls.

    Amazing job, well done. Has Stephanie got a Facebook fan group yet? :0P

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