Episode 156 – Lusk Likes History

Frontiers of Flight Museum

Brian Lusk is the Corporate Historian for Southwest Airlines and a long time airline veteran. He writes for Southwest’s blog, Nuts about Southwest and Tweets as @blogboy. We talk with Brian about preserving airline history, the Frontiers of Flight Museum, and Southwest at AirVenture 2011.

The week’s aviation news:

Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron have their Australia Desk report. Be sure to listen to the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and follow the show on Twitter at @pcdu. Steve’s at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124.

This week on Across the Pond, Pieter Johnson talks with Gareth Stringer Deputy Editor of Global Aviation Resource (@gaviationr) about The Hanger, a social media portal for all those interested in aviation. Gareth is @Gareth_Stringer on Twitter.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 156 – Lusk Likes History

  1. Grant McHerron (Falcon124)

    I can confirm that Ansett had B767s with a flight engineer’s station having spent a fun 1/2 hour on the cockpit way back chatting with the crew. The engineer took me through his systems and, basically, it was all the EFIS screens plus a bit more. Even he was willing to admit there wasn’t much need for him on that aircraft.

  2. Mike

    Thanks for the podcast, as usual I enjoyed it a lot… except when it came to Aircraft maker choice. Now I do respect your opinions even if disappointed by them. Speaking as an Australasian, I think you’re lucky to have a commercial Airplane industry at all but Boeing is all you have left. A lack of support from within America will eventually lead to no domestic manufacturer and we’ll all be stuck with trash talking Airbus salesmen as the only choice. Now I understand Rob Mark didn’t get to pilot a 747-8 so I know where his loyalty lies. He probably still eats “French Fries”. Maybe some thought should go to Rob’s “Union allies” and what they are going to do for jobs post Boeing?

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