Episode 160 – Max Trescott’s Trends Aloft

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Guest Max Trescott is an author, he was the 2008 CFI of the Year, and blogs at Trends Aloft. We talk about how you can be an advocate for the aviation industry and the general Aviation Cacus in Washington. Also, California legislation affecting costs to flight schools, student pilots dropping out, and “outsourced” airline pilots. Max tells us how you explain GA to those who are only exposed to commercial aviation, and why we need it. Follow Max on Twitter at @MaxTrescott, and visit his business site at G1000book.com for his books, CD’s, and iPhone GPS guides.

The week’s aviation news:

This week in Across the Pond, Pieter Johnson talks to Steve, an A320 pilot for a major European airline about his six monthly simulator proficiency checks. You can find Steve on Twitter @Thermalhound and Pieter @Nascothornet.

On this week’s Australia Desk report Steve notes that Tiger Airways is back in the air, Strategic Airlines to commence HNL flights from MEL and BNE, Virgin Aus pilots get pay rise, and a cameo from Southwest flight attendant Bruce Campbell, recorded at LAX. Find Steve and Grant on the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and follow the show on Twitter at @pcdu. Steve’s at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124.


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  1. David Robinson

    Regarding the Airbus 320 that crashed- Aren’t the pitot tubes heated to prevent icing? And if the de-icing system breaks down, isn’t there a circuit breaker that would trip which would alert the crew?

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