AirplaneGeeks 314 – Bits & Pieces XIII

Farnborough by Ian Allen

An interview with a Blackbird pilot, and another with Amelia Rose Earhart. Also, aviation type clubs, the 2014 AeroSpace X Awards, and we welcome a new team member.

On account of the Labor Day holiday in the U.S., we bring you a collection of pre-recorded segments. We’ll be back to the normal format next episode, but this week we have:

Rob Mark’s Labor Day Message

Rob tells us the history, meaning, and future implications of the American Labor movement.

Jamie Dodson’s Interview with Blackbird Pilot Ken Collins

Ken Collins and Dr Jim Griffin with A-12 Blackbird Southern Museum of Flight

Ken Collins and Dr Jim Griffin with A-12 Blackbird Southern Museum of Flight

Jamie Dodson met with U.S. Air Force Colonel (Ret.) Ken Collins at the Southern Museum of Flight, at the invitation of Dr. Jim Griffin, Director Emeritus. Ken was one of the first pilots to sign on to the secret CIA OXCART program.

Jamie Dodson is author of the award winning Nick Grant Adventures Series.

A New Team Member

Max Flight talks with Brian Coleman, who joins us as an Associate Producer. Brian is focused on identifying and scheduling guests.

Rob Mark’s Interview with Amelia Rose Earhart

Recorded at AirVenture 2014 in Oshkosh. Learn more at The Amelia Project.

The Australia News Desk

Taking advantage of the Bits & Pieces nature of this episode, Steve and Grant sneak in a longer AusDesk than usual. This time it’s back to Qantas who have announced a record loss thanks to some restructuring they’re doing as they chase a return to profitability (it’s got to happen eventually, right? 🙂 )

They include a clip of Ross Greenwood on 2GB interviewing Alan Joyce and hitting him with some rather hard questions, all of which Joyce manages to deflect while ensuring he stuck to his key points (it’s not our fault, it’s all due to terrible external causes, we’re turning around and we’ll be profitable next year) (sound familiar??? It’s like the last few years…)

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia reports a loss (but their 737 MAXs will apparently be online before Jetstar’s A320 NEOs) while Air New Zealand shows them all how it’s done and reports a profit.

Across the Pond

Lusty Lindy Victor XL231

Lusty Lindy Victor XL231

Pieter Johnson introduces the 2014 AeroSpace X Awards, Xtended’s annual awards to the industry. He needs your help with support, and of course nominations.

AeroSpace X Award Nomination Categories (and last year’s winners):

  1. Best Aerospace Watch – (Bremont MB2)
  2. Best Product Helping the Aviation / Aerospace Industry – (Dragons of Thin Air)
  3. Best Airport / Airfield – (Compton Abbas)
  4. Best Online Resource – (LiveATC)
  5. Best Restoration Project – (Victor Lusty Lindy XL231)
  6. Xtended’s Best Aerospace Product – (The Big Book of Flight)

Send nominations to Follow the awards with the Twitter hashtag #AerospaceX.

Max Trescott on Aviation Type Clubs

Aircraft type clubs are General Aviation’s best-kept secret weapon. While there are more than a hundred of them, they fly stealthily below the radar of most pilots, who seem to be blissfully unaware of their existence and benefits. Only a fraction of pilots belong to any of them, yet they offer the best value proposition in aviation: they’re cheap and they could save your life. You can find a list of them at

COPA, the Cirrus Pilots Association can be found at

The Cessna Pilots Association web site is

Listener Recording

Micah’s recording titled, “Non-Geek Gripes” looks at air travel from the perspective of the average traveler, compared to that of an airplane geek.


Post photo from Farnborough by Ian Allen.

Opening and closing music courtesy Brother Love from the Album Of The Year CD. You can find his great music at

4 thoughts on “AirplaneGeeks 314 – Bits & Pieces XIII

  1. Charlie Branch

    Thank you, Rob! From this 16-year IBEW-LU1547 shop steward (member for 11 years so you can tell how recalcitrant the City of Cordova, Alaska was with its employees in nrgotiating a first agreement), I appreciate this observance on Labor Day. This gives the workers on the ground the opportunity to explain their environment to management, improve safety and efficiency, and feel that management is helping them and their families. I saw my role as that of a go-between to keep things running smoothly, and occasionally had a city manager that understood that. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers was established because 50% of new linemen died after a very short career,and IBEW still provides training schools, apprenticeship and journeyman programs in the electrical and telecom fields. If you read the grievance procedure in 1 Corinthians, it reads like that in a collective bargaining agreement.

    Many Thanks, and Happy Labor Day! Don’t forget the weekends, too.

  2. Charlie Branch

    Since I retired from Alaska in 2011, I have taken on the task of editing the Coeur d’Alene Airport Association newsletter and (“as long as you’re the editor, why don’t you also be our”) secretary. Our new web site is cdaairport dot org, where the newsletters may be found.

    Brian might find some ideas there…

    Thanks, guys!

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