605 Bits & Pieces XXVII

A Memorial Day tale of the loss of a Douglas A-26 Invader, conversation with the young founder of an airship company, and flying a Focke-Wulf into a major airport.

This is a special Bits & Pieces episode:

Our Main(e) Man Micah tells a story he calls Disaster On Brick Hill – The Worst Day in Maine Aviation History. It’s a fitting piece for Memorial Day. See Douglas A/B-26 Invader Accidents for more.

Max Flight interviews Benjamin Youngstrom, a recent college graduate and the founder of CirroStratus Airship Company. He has a vision and he’s working to make it a reality.

Reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari has been getting some flying in and explains how he managed to land his Focke-Wulf at Dallas.