635 Positive Aviation News

This special episode offers a roundtable discussion of the positive aviation news stories from 2020, the year everybody would like to forget.

Participating are: Max Flight, David Vanderhoof, Max Trescott, Rob Mark, our Main(e) Man Micah, Airplane Geeks reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari, and uber-AvGeek Isaac Alexander.

WWII letters point author to pilot who saved her dad’s life

12 wild things that happened in aviation in 2020

Top Aviation Stories Of 2020, Part I

Top Aviation Stories Of 2020, Part II

Congress Poised to Raise Standards for Assessing New Airliner Designs

Good News for 2021 – Super Jumbo Still Possible

You’ll definitely want to listen to the story Micah tells. We all wondered where it was going and what it had to do with aviation and this podcast, but Micah pulls it all together in a surprise ending.

Also, we put out a call to listeners for a possible Airplane Geeks challenge coin. If you have content ideas for such a coin, pass them along. If you have graphic design talents, we’d similarly love to see some sketches.