730 Christmas Trees and B-17s

B-17 crew with Si Seigel, standing far right.
Si Seigel, standing far right.

In this special holiday episode, our Main(e) Man Micah tells the story of Si Spiegel. As a young man, Si wanted to serve his country and he joined the US Army Air Corp. After completing his training, he flew his first mission over Europe in a B-17 at the age of 20. On one mission, two of the B-17 engines became disabled and Si made an emergency landing in Poland. Micah tells us how Si was able to make an incredible escape over occupied territory and went on to complete 35 missions during the war.

But that’s not the end of Si’s story because after the war he went on to develop something that was unusual for the time, but commonplace now during the Christmas season. It’s all in Micah’s story.

At the time of this episode, Si Spiegel is 98 years old and lives in a Manhattan apartment with a view of Central Park.

Si Seigel, May 2016.
Si Seigel, May 2016.

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