753 Igor Sikorsky III Replay

Photo of Igor and Karen Sikorsky.
Igor and Karen Sikorsky

A replay of our conversation with Igor Sikorsky III from Episode 144, published on April 19, 2011. Igor is the grandson of Igor Sikorsky, who many consider to be the father of the helicopter industry. Igor III flies a Skyhawk on floats. He and his wife Karen operate The Bradford Camps on Munsungun Lake in the North Maine Woods, a premier lodge in the North Maine Woods located fifty miles from the nearest paved road.  The camp dates back to 1890 and offers fishing, hunting, and relaxing vacations.

The Sikorsky Seminar Weekend is held each year at the camp with videos, books, artifacts, photos, and Sikorsky family speakers. Hear the stories of Igor’s Russian years in aviation, the large Pan Am flying clipper ships, and of course the helicopter. The price includes all meals, private lodging, and full use of all facilities including boats, motors, and kayaks. You might even get a scenic flight with Igor I. Sikorsky, III.

Igor Sikorsky III and his plane on floats.
Igor Sikorsky III and his plane.

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Max Flight, David Vanderhoof, Dan Webb, and Chris Mano.

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