AirplaneGeeks 277 – Benet Wilson, the Aviation Queen

Benet Wilson joins to talk about H.R. 1848: Small Airplane Revitalization Act of 2013 (SARA) and the role of the General Aviation cacuses in House and Senate, China’s easing of GA flight requirements, Wichita’s relationship building with China, commercial and military implications of China’s air-defense zone, and the American Airlines and US Airways merger. We also […]

AirplaneGeeks 321 Benet is the Aviation Queen

The first Mitsubishi MRJ, screening for Ebola at the airport, the aging military aircraft fleet, mobile phones on the plane, FAA drone enforcement for licensed pilots, and Airways News. Guest We talk with Benét Wilson, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Airways News, about the strategic alliance between Airways Magazine and Airways News provides continuous updates of news, features, […]

Episode 114 – Back with Benet

Benet Wilson, Online Managing Editor-Business Aviation for the Aviation Week Group, joins once again as our guest. We talk about the week’s aviation news, the upcoming NBAA Conference, and other aviation topics. Find Benet on Twitter as avweekbenet and avweektweets, and read her posts at Business Aviation Now and Things With Wings, the commercial aviation […]

Episode 53 – Benet, Jon, and Mary

Co-hosts Rob, Dan, and Max are joined by guests Jon Ostrower (Flightblogger), Benet Wilson (AviationWeek), and Mary Kirby (RunwayGirl). This episode focuses on the Paris Airshow, but we’ve also got Dan’s interview with with Gary Kelly, the CEO of Southwest Airlines, our report from the boys down under at the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk, a […]

Episode 35 – Benet Joins the Geeks

Benet Wilson from the Aviation Week’s Business Aviation Now blog joins the geeks as we talk about the latest news in aviation.  Make sure to follow Benet on Twitter @bizavweekly. We learn two things in this episode: Canadian Geese are mean. Swans are meaner. You’ll see. But first, the news: NTSB: Plane crew saw significant […]

428 The Life of a Second Officer

We talk about being a second officer with an expat from a major Asian airline. In the news, families of MH-370 victims take the search into their own hands, a new flight approach pattern is under study, a WASP T-6 trainer and a film, a looming strike at Chicago O’Hare, and a Suzy story. Guest […]

AirplaneGeeks 365 How to Run an Airshow

Conversation with an airshow air boss, U.S. airlines in the crosshairs of consumer advocates and government agencies, ALPA’s concerns about UAVs, and the importance of an airport’s name. Guest Steve Tupper was air boss at the GM Detroit River Days Airshow on the Detroit River 20-21 June 2015. Steve tells us a little about the […]

AirplaneGeeks 317 – The Navion

The single engine Navion airplane, air traffic controller hiring guidelines, Air France pilot’s strike, robots flying airplanes, Delta Air Line’s refinery, and NextGen. Guest Chris Gardner is founder and CEO of Sierra Hotel Aero, holder of the type certificate for the single engine Navion airplane. Chris has a commercial aviation background, as well as extensive […]