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459 Report from Paris Air Show 2017

This episode, we have a number of interviews recorded at the 2017 International Paris Air Show by our reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari. We hear about the Antonov AN-132, Gore-Tex applications in aviation, an anti-drone gun, additive manufacturing with metals, and a really fascinating and detailed look at ejection seats. Launchpad also met up with Airplane Geeks listener Pauline.

In the news, we look at more evidence of the pilot shortage, FAA reauthorization bills in the U.S. Congress, ATC privatization, and security measures for commercial aviation.

Main features of the Antonov AN-130, presented at the Paris Air Show. Photo courtesy Antonov.

Main features of the Antonov AN-130, presented at the Paris Air Show. Courtesy Antonov Company.

Paris Air Show

Airplane Geeks reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari recorded interviews at the 2017 International Paris Air Show:

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II ejection seat from Martin-Baker at the Paris Air Show.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II ejection seat from Martin-Baker at the Paris Air Show.

Aleksandr Khokhlov, Program Director-Deputy Chief Designer, Antonov AN-132D Aircraft.

Airplane Geeks listener Pauline, from Electro Enterprises, a distributor of electrical components for aerospace and defense.

Tim McMullen from W.L. Gore & Associates on aviation applications for Gore-Tex.

Andre HuysentruitMC2 Technologies, producer of the UAV-Scrambler300 directional microwave anti-drone gun.

Dafydd Williams from Renishaw on additive manufacturing with metals.

Tony Gaunt, from ejection seat manufacturer Martin-Baker.


An example of the complexity of the parts that can be manufactured through metal additive manufacturing. Photo courtesy Renishaw.

Renishaw metal additive manufacturing

Aviation News

Horizon Air cutting hundreds of flights this summer due to pilot shortage

Regional airline Horizon Air is experiencing a severe shortage of Q400 turboprop pilots. They’ve recently canceled 318 flights, and more are planned. Managers are being used to fly the planes, pilots are being offered double pay, and hiring bonuses of up to $20,000 are available for Q400 pilots.

Air Traffic Control (ATC) Government Privatization Explained – Call to Action for General Aviation Private and Instrument Pilots and People Planning to Learn to Fly to Contact Congress

Max Trescott and Rob Mark discuss at length the proposal to privatize U.S. Air Traffic Control.

Senate bill would make it easier to become a commercial airline pilot

Two FAA reauthorization bills have been introduced in the U.S. Congress:

  • Senate Bill S.1405, the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2017.
  • House Bill H.R.2997, the 21st Century Aviation Innovation, Reform, and Reauthorization (AIRR) Act.

We talk about ATC privatization and other proposed provisions.

Fact Sheet: Aviation Enhanced Security Measures for All Commercial Flights to the United States

The Transportation Security Administration verified that the Department of Homeland Security measures have been implemented at Etihad Airways, so that airline is now exempt from the U.S. electronic device ban on flights from Abu Dhabi to the United States. The suggestion of a laptop ban on all international flights to the U.S. has been pulled back.


A Laptop Ban Leaves Everyone Scared and No One Safer

Oppose Air Traffic Control Privatization – The EAA webpage where you can voice your opinion to your elected officials.

Shark US – Airplane Geeks Excerpt – Flying with David in the Shark. Video of David in the Shark, over David’s comments in last week’s episode. (See Episode 442 for more about the Shark LSA.)


Intro music courtesy Brother Love from his Album Of The Year CD. Outtro by Bruno Misonne from The Sound of Flaps.


Beyond Social Media 101: Answers to Real Aviation Problems

Headed to AirVenture 2010? – Where will you be on Tuesday afternoon?

Don’t miss the only program of the week focused on your aviation social media questions … you know, the ones your boss keeps bugging you with, like “I know how to use Facebook, but now what?” or “How do I convince anyone that our Twitter account isn’t just a huge waste of time,” or the ever popular,”We’re too busy trying to sell real things to fool with social media.”

This is a chance for social media pros and those wearing the social media hat in their organizations to gather together and share best practices, lessons learned and talk about using these new tools to tackle the specific challenges of the business of aviation.

It all begins on Tuesday afternoon July 27 from 4 to 5:15 PM in pavilion 6 just north of the control tower.

Our influencers include …

  • Rob Mark, CEO of CommAvia and editor of the award-winning blog
  • Scott Spangler, deputy editor
  • Rod Rakic, Founder of MyTransponder Inc, a start-up focused on aviation social media
  • Jon Ostrower, Flightblogger from Flight Global magazine
  • Dan Webb  from the Airplane Geeks podcast
  • And ideas from our favorite social media goddess, AvWeek’s Benet Wilson

For more information, contact Rob Mark at 847-644-1575 or @jetwhine on Twitter during the show.

Not Even a Cincinnati Blackout can Stop Airplane Geeks…

…Well, kinda.

Max and I had this great episode lined up for this week…Then Ike hit.  Actually it took more than Ike to produce the 80mph winds that hit Cincinnati Sunday.  Apparently a cold front, combined with the remnants of Ike are the culprits of my lack of electricity for the past 3 days and counting.

So, after a 1.5 hour drive to electricity and internet this morning, all I can offer to all of you loyal airplane geeks is a self portrait of myself during the blackout (above), and a list of news we would have covered if I’d have had power.  I promise we’ll be back next week (assuming my power will be back up by then), and Max and I will bring you great aviation discussion with another great guest.  Until then, here’s the news:

See you next week!