The second Aviation New Media Live Meet-up has been scheduled for Sunday, November 16th at 8pm EST!
The topic for the second Meet-up is the future of new media in aviation.  This live “meet-up” will be of interest to those who operate these aviation communities, as well as to those who participate in them.
We will be using for our interactive episode. This requires a free registration if you’d like to participate in the conversation, but anyone can listen live without registration.
Since we’ll have limited time on Sunday, we’re taking “reservations” for those who would like to join us in a speaking role. For the first ten people who email us with their website, blog, or podcast, we’ll guarantee we’ll get you in. The rest will be taken as time allows. Please email us at to ensure you get your air time.
Find the Meetup on TalkShoe at:

The call-in phone number is: (724) 444-7444

The Call ID is: 23486
You can call into the above number with any land line, or with Skype if you have SkypeOut. As an alternative, you can use TalkShoe’s VOIP client which is a free download after registering at
Between now and Sunday you can find the latest information at Please visit this page regularly for updates.
We hope you can join us and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts:

voice mail at (812) 757-4252
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