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484 Bits & Pieces XX

This special Bits & Pieces episode offers a huge variety of segments from the co-hosts, our contributors, and our listeners. Here they are [with start times].


Yankee Air Museum [1:45]

David Vanderhoof met with Kevin Walsh, the Executive Director at the Yankee Air Museum, for a conversation and walkthrough. The museum is adjacent to the Willow Run Airport in Belleville, Michigan.

WV-1 Warning Star. Photo by David Vanderhoof.

WV-1 Warning Star. Photo by David Vanderhoof.

Bradford Camps [23:45]

Igor Sikorsky III and his wife Karen run The Bradford Camps in the North Maine woods. It’s a beautiful, peaceful location on Munsungun Lake in an area where you can fish, hunt, hike, boat, or just hang out and relax. Each year, Igor conducts his Sikorsky Seminar Weekend where he shares the history of his grandfather through photos, videos and even Sikorsky family speakers. You can immerse yourself in Igor’s Russian years in aviation, his large Pan Am flying boats, and of course his helicopters.

Sikorsky S-38 first designed and built in 1928.

Sikorsky S-38 first designed and built in 1928.

My Dream Machine: C-47 to DC-3 [25:20]

Our Maine(e) Man Micah tells us the story of his Dream Machine.

Micah with a DC-3 at the Smithsonian's National Air & Space Museum, Innovations in Flight Day 2016. Photo by Brian Coleman.

Micah with a DC-3 at the Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum, Innovations in Flight Day 2016. Photo by Brian Coleman.

Student Pilot Nicki [39:40]

Nicki previously sent us three recordings describing her progress. Now we have the fourth installment, her first solo.

Student pilot Nicki.

Student pilot Nicki.

The Australia News Desk [47:05]

Longtime listeners remember the Australia Desk report with Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast. For this special Bits & Pieces episode, they’ve sent in a special AusDesk. Be sure to check out the new Australian Aviation podcast.

AIN’s The Human Factor [58:05]

Pete Combs introduces us to the new podcast from AIN called The Human Factor: Tales from the Flight Deck.

Mary Kirby on PaxEx in 2018 [59:55]

In #PaxEx Podcast Episode 53, Why Mitsubishi’s internal time clock is ticking, Mary Kirby, Max Flight, and Isaac Alexander talk about the Mitsubishi MRJ, aerospace accelerator startups, and #PaxEx conferences and exhibitions to be held around the world in 2018. In this clip, Mary describes the passenger experience topics likely to be important in 2018.

DeTect Inc. Bird and Drone Warning System [1:07:45]

Tim Trott, the Drone Professor, talked with Craig Rainey from DeTect Inc. about the new bird and drone warning system installed at the Northwest Beaches International Airport, KECP. DeTect specializes in advanced radar and other sensor technologies. They offer bird radar technologies for real-time aircraft bird strike avoidance, as well as wind energy bird mortality risk assessment and mitigation, and industrial bird control.

The Boeing 747-400 [1:16:00]

Listener Tom Rogers is an engineering Associate Director at Pratt & Whitney, with over 25 years in fan and compressor aero. He’s also an avid fan of the Airplane Geeks podcast. Tom wrote us and said, “It is sad to see the PW4000-powered B747-400 fleets being retired by Delta and United. I have had the pleasure of flying business trips on Delta’s NWA birds round trip to Narita from JFK and DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Airport), all upper deck, old seats 2×2 and the new herringbone lie flat. On my last flight home back in February, I was invited up for a photo opportunity in the left seat. Priceless! I’ve attached the picture for your enjoyment.”

Tom Rogers in the B747-400.

Tom Rogers in the B747-400.

Impressions of a Conversation with Michael Dorn [1:17:45]

Our Airplane Geeks reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari had the opportunity to speak with Michael Dorn, the actor who played the Klingon Worf in the Star Trek franchise. Dorn is a pilot and has owned a number of warbirds. Launchpad met him at a Star Trek convention. Of course he did. Where else are you going to meet a Klingon?

Remembering Bruce McCandless [1:21:05]

Astronaut Bruce McCandless passed on December 21, 2017. He was the first man to fly in space without a tether. Our Main(e) Man Micah looks back on the man and his accomplishments.

Bruce McCandless, EVA - STS-41. NASA photo.

Bruce McCandless, EVA – STS-41. NASA photo.

The Airplane Geeks Slack Team [1:26:30]

What it is, how it works, and why you might want to join.

AIN’s The Human Factor, Latest Episode [1:29:45]

Pete Combs tells us about the latest episode from AIN’s The Human Factor: Tales from the Flight Deck.

De Havilland Mosquito [1:31:45]

Listener Glen tells us about his airplane of the week, the De Havilland Mosquito.

Flying in Rwanda [1:36:50]

Listener Jim Herne recorded a short story about an incident that he was involved in while living in Rwanda in the late 1980s. He calls it “My Most Interesting Flying Experience.”

Crash in Rwanda.

Crash in Rwanda.

Rose Parade Flyover [1:44:50]

At the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Brian Coleman witnessed a flyover of two F-35A Lightning IIs and a B-2 Spirit honoring Air Force pilot Major Benjamin “Chex” Meier.

Major Meier flew combat missions over Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. Per his wishes upon his death in 2015, Major Meier donated his heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys to save the lives of others.

2018 Rose Parade flyover. Brian Coleman photo.

2018 Rose Parade flyover. Brian Coleman photo.

The B-2 came from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, and the two F-35A’s came from Edwards Air Force Base in California. The flyover was conducted by Major Meier’s Air Force squadron in the exact F-35A the Major flew on many of his missions.

Businesswire reports that “In a moving tribute, the F-35 on the left of the B-2 Stealth Bomber… will represent all donors who have given the gift of life, while the F-35 on the right will symbolize all who have received the gift of life.”

Special Flyover at 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade to Honor Air Force Hero and Organ Donor Who Continued to Save Lives Even After Death

Air Force Flyover of Rose Parade will Honor Organ Donors and Recipients

The Making of an Airplane Geeks Episode [1:46:15]

If you are curious about how we do it, here’s a peek behind the curtain.


Next week we’ll return to our usual format with aviation news from the past week, a great guest, some aviation history, your feedback, and much more.

Don’t forget to visit the aviation events calendar at AvGeekFests.com and load in some of the 2018 events in your area that would be of interest to other AvGeeks. And feel free to share the AvGeekFests.com link across your network.


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454 Bits & Pieces XVIII

We have a collection of aviation topics this episode: A flight in a Robinson R-44, a look at residential airparks, the General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS, imaging instruments for aviation maintenance, US Air Force F-35A avionics and a walk around the aircraft, the Commemorative Air Force, honoring the Women Airforce Service Pilots, and using a portable ADS-B receiver.

Bits & Pieces

As long-time listeners know, when our recording day falls on a major U.S. holiday, we forgo our usual format and instead bring you a collection of pre-recorded segments from the co-hosts, and from our listeners and contributors. That’s the case this episode.


The segments that make up this episode [with start times]:

Our Main(e) man Micah talks with helicopter pilot and Airplane Geeks listener Ernie Eaton at the Hampton Airfield Cafe after their flight in Ernie’s Robinson R44. [2:27]

Ernie Eaton's Robinson R-44.

Ernie Eaton’s Robinson R-44.

Ernie Eaton and our Main(e) Man Micah.

Ernie Eaton and our Main(e) Man Micah.

Bill Armstrong, developer and partner at Big South Fork Airpark, explains what it is like to live in a residential airpark community, and what to consider when you are looking for that lifestyle. [13:14]

Residential airpark living. Photo courtesy Big South Fork Airpark.

Residential airpark living. Photo courtesy Big South Fork Airpark.

Airplane Geeks reporter-at-large Launchpad Marzari speaks with Captain Richards, Company Commander, F company 227 Aviation Battalion, and Sergeant Elbert about the General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS. [24:27]

General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS

General Atomics MQ-1C Gray Eagle UAS. Photo courtesy General Atomics.

Max recorded a call with Liam Hanna, a product specialist with Olympus Europe in Germany. Olympus Europe provides test, measurement, and imaging instruments for the aviation industry. Liam explains the different types of borescopes, how they are used and inspector training requirements, technology advancements that have been made, and dealing with a shortage of inspectors using live inspections and remote experts. Be sure to see the Olympus Application Photo Gallery for a great selection of videoscope and borescope images and videos. Max’s favorite is the High Pressure Turbine Movie, where the laser-drilled cooling holes are clearly visible. [38:12]

Jet engine turbine blade inspection. Photo courtesy Olympus Industrial Measurements.

Jet engine turbine blade inspection. Photo courtesy Olympus Industrial Measurements.

At the Chino Air Show, Brian talked with listener Matt Haines about the 60th Anniversary of the Planes of Fame Airshow [1:04:23]; with Staff Sgt Alexandra Dougherty, an avionics specialist for the US Air Force F-35A [1:06:30]; and with Colonel Eddie Bentley of the Commemorative Air Force in front of the beautifully restored C-53. The Commemorative Air Force operates the world’s largest collection of Flying WWII Airplanes. [1:11:47]

Launchpad Marzari spoke with Allison Hoyt about the Commemorative Air Force’s Rise Above: WASP program. The CAF Rise Above program provides young people with real-world examples of how courage, self-confidence, and perseverance can allow them to triumph over the adversity they face in their own lives. The WASP program looks to encourage young women to become involved in aviation. [1:15:15]

Using a portable ADS-B receiver, often connected to an iPad, is a low-cost way for pilots to display nearby traffic. However, the displays can be misleading, as they often don’t show the most important traffic, which is the traffic closest to the plane with the portable ADS-B receiver. Max Trescott talked about the limitations of these devices in a recent episode of his Aviation News Talk podcast, and we have that segment for you here. [1:19:42]

Our Main(e) man introduces an interview with F-35 pilot Captain Roar conducted by Brian, Carlos, and Micah at Wings Over Pittsburgh 2017. In the interview, they discuss the transition from the F-15E Strike Eagle and low military flying in the UK. Capt. Roar mentions the Mach Loop we talked about a few episodes ago and describes the 3 different F-35 versions. We also hear about high G flight. Following that, Capt. Roar takes Brian, Carlos, and Micah on a walk around the F-35. [1:30:31]

The F-35A at the 2017 Wings Over Pittsburgh Airshow. Photo by Carlos Stebbings, Plane Talking UK Podcast

The F-35A at the 2017 Wings Over Pittsburgh Airshow. Photo by Carlos Stebbings, Plane Talking UK Podcast.


Wings Over Pittsburgh 2017

Carlos and Matt from the Plane Talking UK Podcast pulled together a video presenting many of the faces at the Wings Over Pittsburgh air show.  Have a look and see how many (sunburned) people you recognize from Airplane Geeks, the Airline Pilot Guy Show, the Plane Talking UK Podcast, as well as friends of the podcasts.



Intro music courtesy Brother Love from his Album Of The Year CD. Outtro by Bruno Misonne from The Sound of Flaps.