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Episode 79 – Aviation Photos by Skippyscage

Photo by Paul Filmer

Guest Paul Filmer joins the Airplane Geeks to talk about current aviation news. Paul is Stateside Editor and Database Administrator for Global Aviation Resource, he contributes to Combat Aircraft Magazine, and you can find his personal page at skippyscage.com/. Paul is an accomplished aviation photographer and you can find his work at those sites.

David Vanderhoof gives us This Week in Aviation, and Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have their Australia Desk report.

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Episode 48 – Weekly News and T-Shirts!


Max and Court have so much news and listener feedback that they decided to start splitting the episodes into two parts.  Also, we’ve finished a couple of T-shirts!  You can find the link to the right of the home page or follow it to our store here.  This first part of episode 48 includes the news and listener feedback, while the next section (to be published tomorrow) will include our interview with Christopher White, Director of Public Relations for Airtran.


Listener Submitted Articles:

  • Cooking on a layover (The picture above should speak 1,000 words)

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