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Episode 123 – Listener Mailbag

QANTAS 90th Birthday Celebrations 13th Nov 2010

This week we forgo the usual aviation news and industry guest to instead focus on listener mail. We received a lot of email, Facebook posts, and vmail on our listener line with questions and suggestions so that’s what this episode is all about.


Ben on The World Airport Data App.

David on the educational path to an airline pilot job.

Micah on free holiday WiFi provided by Google and banning toner cartridges.

Don on the corporate use of social media.

Benet on the business aviation recovery.

David on a future ATC guest.

Richard on having a glider topic.

Allan asking who will be the next CSeries customer.

Anthony on AvWeb’s coverage of AOPA.

Ian his photos, new blog, oil-free turbine technology.

Hoovenson on the BA Flight 38 crash and the freezing point of water.

Stephen asks for the top 5 military Ace’s, top 5 business jets, and top 5 aviation CEO’s.

@flyingwithfish on the “new” CLEAR registered traveler program using “old” CLEAR data.

Tim on aviation enthusiast destinations in Florida.

We also have David’s This Week in Aviation history segment, the Australia Desk report by Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and Pieter Johnson’s latest Across the Pond segment.


The World Airport Data App

N-Number for US registered aircraft

VH Register for Australian registered aircraftFree Holiday WiFi

Paula Williams has written the book: Flight Plan to Success: New Media Marketing for the Aviation Industry

Ian’s new blog: YYCE3, his photos, and Oil-Free Turbomachinery Technology for Rotorcraft Propulsion and Advanced Aerospace Propulsion and Power, and this NASA article.

The Naked Scientists

Clear: What Gives? from the TSA Blog

TSA asked to ensure safety of customer data after Clear closing

Fantasy of Flight

Aviation Enthusiasts Corner

QANTAS 90th Birthday Celebrations 13th Nov 2010 by Plane Crazy Down Under Podcast.

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Opening and closing music is provided by Brother Love from the Album Of The Year CD. You can find his great music at http://www.brotherloverocks.com/.

Photo by Steve Visscher.