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728 Safety Cards and Carry-on Luggage

We speak with the owner of a company that designs and creates airline safety cards and talk with a T-Mobile manager about an interesting new product for air travelers.


The Interaction Group

Trisha Ferguson is the owner of The Interaction Group, a company that designs and creates airline safety cards for leading airlines such as American, JetBlue, Lufthansa, Canadian carriers, and Etihad Airways.

Trisha Ferguson
Trisha Ferguson

The company believes that 90% of people tested should understand what to do based on the images on the card. If less than 90% of people (of all ages) don’t understand the instructions or interpret them incorrectly, then design elements need to be changed. When airlines need to update their safety cards, they work with the design team to make the changes. Safety cards in the seat backs have to be the tallest printed material in a seat back, ie. so they stick out, and every seat needs one as a part of the Minimum Equipment.

Tricia started at The Interaction Group 25 years ago and then fell in love with the intersection of safety, design, and airlines. She earned a Master’s degree in Human Factors Science and now owns the company.

Safety cards


Steve Carlson
Steve Carlson

Steve Carlson is the Senior Manager of Communications for T-Mobile. We look at some considerations for travelers who are choosing a mobile carrier, as well as the travel benefits that T-Mobile offers.

T-Mobile had launched a suite of travel benefits called Coverage Beyond, and now they have introduced the Un‑carrier On, a hard-sided suitcase with wireless (and USB-C) charging. The battery pack is removable and other features include a flat top work surface, a packing set of bags, and Tag Smart tracking via Bluetooth.

T-Mobile Un-carrier On
T-Mobile Un-carrier On

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