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Episode 24 – Cranky Again

Southwest Flight Attendants in the "Good 'ol Days"

Brett Snyder is back once more as he takes a break from the Cranky Flier Blog to spend some time talking shop with The Airplane Geeks.  Since we missed last week, we’re doing an all news episode.  Considering everything that’s happened, it wasn’t difficult to fill the time.

Better Late Than Never; Eclipse Covers Payroll

Boeing, Northrop tanker news

New runways open at 3 of nation’s busiest airports

Southwest employees grumble about Mexican code-share deal

LaGuardia The Target In Southwest ATA Bid

Bush: Government should ‘make airlines more accountable’

And our grand finale:

Max’s pick of the week is the brooxes.com/. Ever wonder what it would be like to attach a camera to a kite?  These guys have done it.

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Not Even a Cincinnati Blackout can Stop Airplane Geeks…

…Well, kinda.

Max and I had this great episode lined up for this week…Then Ike hit.  Actually it took more than Ike to produce the 80mph winds that hit Cincinnati Sunday.  Apparently a cold front, combined with the remnants of Ike are the culprits of my lack of electricity for the past 3 days and counting.

So, after a 1.5 hour drive to electricity and internet this morning, all I can offer to all of you loyal airplane geeks is a self portrait of myself during the blackout (above), and a list of news we would have covered if I’d have had power.  I promise we’ll be back next week (assuming my power will be back up by then), and Max and I will bring you great aviation discussion with another great guest.  Until then, here’s the news:

See you next week!