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Episode 67 – Marketing with Paula

Mitsubishi Regional Jet

Guest Paula Williams from Aviation Business Consultants International Inc. (ABCI) joins Dan, Rob, and Max to talk about social media marketing in aviation. We also have aviation news from the week, Dan has an interview about new media with Kristie Van Auken from the Akron Canton airport, and we have the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk report.

The news:

See also:

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2nd Aviation New Media Meet-up

Max and Court are proud to welcome the aviation new media during our second aviation new media meet-up.  This one’s a bit long, and the sound quality isn’t necessarily the greatest, but we more than make up for it in content.  Here’s a list of those who joined us:

Steve Tupper – Airspeed Podcast

Captain Chris – Plane Madness Podcast

Martt – AirPigz.com

Jack Hodgson – Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast

Jen Whitley – Avweb

Dave Flys – Pilot Flight Pod Log and APilotsStory.com

Roger Bishop – Indy Transponder

Rod Rakic – MyTransponder.com

Susan Pruitt – Flight Plan Magazine

Rob Mark – JetWhine Blog

Thanks to all who joined in the discussion!  Make sure to check back here regularly for some possible announcements of some more roundtable discussions.