Episode 5 – Cranky Flyin’

Dumping Fuel

This week, Max and Court welcome Brett Snyder of the Cranky Flier blog.  Brett brings his insight to the industry, and discusses Allegiant and Frontier in detail.  If you’d like to fast forward to Brett’s interview, it begins at 15:30.

Several topics are discussed in the news section including:

Max’s pic of the week:

Paper Pilot: Battle of the air
This is just about the coolest paper airplane page you’ll find.  A true time sink for airplane geeks.

The intro music is once again produced by Bruno Misonne.  Check out Bruno’s aviation music at http://www.brunomisonne.com.

A special thanks to Chris and Jorge for their engaging emails about the Air Force tanker situation and the future of pilot hiring.  If you have a question or a comment for the Airplane Geeks, you can send it to thegeeks@airplanegeeks.com.

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