Episode 26 – Capt’n Chris with The Geeks

Etihad Airways A350XWB

Captain Chris from the Plane Madness Podcast joins Max and Court this week as they talk podcasting, and the week’s news.  Fortunately, it seems like we may be seeing some improvement to the sound quality, thanks to Chris, and to the hundreds of listeners who’ve put up with some trying podcasts.  Regardless, this is another heavy news week:

FAA Warns Winter Travel Delays Possible Due To Runway De-icer Shortage

Airbus, Turkey sign A350 cooperation agreement

FlightBlogger: Airbus Dreamliner Dossier Revealed

US aviation industry needs foreign cash, Barack Obama told

US negotiator Byerly stands firm on ownership, cabotage changes in near term

Three airlines drop self-reporting safety program

Max’s pick of the week is Simpliflying.  This fantastic blog covers airline branding, and provides a great perspective of international aviation

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