Episode 55 – Flying With Fish

Continental 777-200

Featuring Steven Frischling, the founder of The Travel Strategist site as well as the popular travel blog Flying With Fish.

We also have a report from the boys down under at the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk, a This Week in Aviation segment, a bit by Courtney (remember him?), and listener mail.

Dan selected Flightlevel350.com as this week’s aviation website pick of the week, a great source for aviation videos.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 55 – Flying With Fish

  1. maxflight Post author

    [from pilot_ngb:]

    This is the United Kingdom news room.

    Ryanair are possibly taking cheaper flights to a whole new level.


    Keep up the great work on the podcast.

    [and also this:]

    Forget about “Is there a Doctor on board?” – How about, “Is there an Engineer on board?”


  2. maxflight Post author

    [and from Grant:]

    RyanAir are now talking to Boeing about developing “stool” type seats so pax stand almost upright, allowing more in. They’re talking of replacing four rows of normal seats.


    OK guys, I gotta say it – this is fraking ridiculous. Are RyanAir trying to see how far people are willing to degrade themselves to get on an airplane? Pay toilets, standing upright, charged for check luggage even when you carry it to the plane for the rampers to load… Where the frak will it end?

    I think I can now say that RyanAir is to flying as MacDonalds is to quality food & service…




  3. maxflight Post author

    [Jamie sent this in…]

    F-16 vs. Woodpecker (READ BEFORE WATCHING)

    Amazing 45 second sequence. You may have to replay to see the bird that
    entered the engine. Go to large screen if you can. This is footage from
    the cockpit of an F-16. Cool reaction and professionalism of the two
    pilots, including cockpit transmission with video.

    F-16 engine ingests bird after takeoff at Tyndall AFB. Think you might
    find it interesting to see a crash from the cockpit of an airplane. It
    is an instructor pilot in the rear and a student in the front seat of an

    A “Bird Strike,” as seen through the Heads Up Display (HUD). You can see
    the bird flash by just prior to impacting the engine. You can hear the
    aircraft voice warning system telling them they have a problem and
    referring to the “D-6 NL” which means there is no engine RPM.

    They made two attempts to relight the jet engine, but evidently there
    was too much damage from the bird strike and they had to eject. These
    guys were very cool; note the heavy breathing… They certainly flew
    longer than one would expect before ejecting. Airspeed can be observed
    on the HUD’s upper left corner. It goes down to the low 120’s as they
    struggle to get the engine going again, but as the plane noses over and
    dives to earth it increases to at least 175 just before impact.

    It just goes to show how quickly your day can go to pieces – 45 seconds
    from strike to ejection. All and all, not bad. They ran the Emergency
    Checklist, made two relight attempts, and picked out a plowed field for
    impact before ejecting.

    You can follow the audio attached to it and hear the conversation
    between the pilot and instructor pilot and then the tower. Including the
    pilot saying they were punching out. The tower didn’t seem to completely
    understand it all, and missed the significance of the last transmission.

    The towers last radio call, he’s talking to an empty aircraft. The video
    continues until impact, even after they both eject. A classic “buying
    the farm” as you can see the plow rows get bigger. A real nice job from
    the aircrew by keeping their cool and turning the aircraft away from
    populated areas. No one hurt and no one killed but the dirty bird did
    cost the Taxpayers a “few” million dollars!

    [Jamie attached the wmv file, but I found a few sites where you can find it:]


    [If those don’t work, do a web search on “F_16_vs_bird_050808-HB.wmv”

  4. maxflight Post author

    [Chris sent in this notice:]

    Dear Dan, Max and Courtney,

    Christopher Webb Films announces the premiere of the new documentary film Air Racer: Chasing the Dream at EAA’s AirVenture 2009.

    Air Racer: Chasing the Dream is the true story of husband-and-wife team Jon and Patricia Sharp, who risk everything to create the most advanced race plane ever made, the Nemesis NXT. This one-hour film follows the Sharps over a four-year period, through the construction and first flight of their prototype, and three grueling race seasons that put both them and the NXT to the test. I have attached a press release for the film, which outlines the story in more detail.

    My purpose in writing to you is two-fold: to let you and your listeners know about this exciting event in the aviation community, and to offer this film for review on an Airplane Geeks podcast. I invite you to review this film at its premiere at EAA’s AirVenture 2009. Please see the press release for screening times.

    A rough-cut version of the film was highly praised at preview screenings during AirVenture 2008. Since then, the film has gained a significant following among general aviation and aerospace enthusiasts all over the world. If you’re not able to join us for the premiere at AirVenture, I will be able to send you the completed film for review in early August, when it is released on DVD.

    Learn more about the project by following the links below:

    See the trailer at: http://www.AirRacerTheMovie.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Air-Racer-Chasing-the-Dream/96360248716?ref=share
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/AirRacerMovie
    YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_8TsWDArww
    Blog: http://chasingthedream.tumblr.com/

    Please let me know if you would like additional information regarding this film.

    Kind regards,

    Chris Webb

    [Sounds very cool! Rob is planning to be at AirVenture, and maybe he can make the premier. Max.]

  5. maxflight Post author

    [Maxwell sends this note. The entertaining video is an example of the power of the consumer these days, and how companies like United need to consider that power when they think about customer relations. 1.2 million views at this point.]

    Hi Guys,

    Absolutely love the show. I am a recent subscriber of the podcast. I am a Canadian now living in Bologna Italy on the most beautiful part of town. Right under then glide slope! Just wanted to send you a link to this Video to see if you had seen it.


    Thanks again for putting on such a wonderful series,


  6. maxflight Post author

    [Shawn provides a link to the source for the United Breaks Guitars video:]

    Im sure you guys have seen this..but it is hilarious!! Yet another positive PR move on United airlines part!!!

    This is awesome!!


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