Episode 58 – Corporate Jetting with Liz

Challenger 605

We’re joined by guest Elizabeth Clark, Executive Director for Women in Corporate Aviation and the current President of the Memphis Belles Chapter of Women in Aviation International. Liz is an experienced pilot currently flying for FedEx Express Corporate Aviation where she’s a Captain on both the Challenger 601 and Learjet 45 aircraft.

We also have a report from the Airplane Geeks Australia Desk, (who you can also hear at the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast). Court returns with another Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot segment, we have a This Week in Aviation segment, and listener mail, and more.

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This episode’s opening and closing music is provided by Brother Love. You can visit his site at brotherloverocks.com.

8 thoughts on “Episode 58 – Corporate Jetting with Liz

  1. maxflight Post author

    [Marlene with some likes and a dislike:]

    Dear Rob, Dan & Max,

    Just a quick fan note. I really love your show. I wasn’t into aviation
    until y bumped with your podcast. No idea I had a geek in me, but now
    I’m working on my potential.

    My favs: the opening music, the word association game, trash talk
    against United and when you make fun of the Australia desk.
    The no no’s: Avoid inviting Kate again. She was shallow and boring.
    Thanks and keep it up! Cheers from Mexico City!


  2. maxflight Post author


    Thanks for the comments and feedback!

    We’re delighted you found us and find the show enjoyable. Court put that opening together early on, and I was pleasantly shocked to find him using music from Brother Love. You see, I got turned on to Brother Love when the first podcast I listened to (PodAsia, now faded) used him also. I rushed to CD Baby right away and ordered the CD, which I listened to about a billion times. So when Court pulled it into Airplane Geeks, it seemed like fate or something. Strange but very cool.

    All our guests are not popular with everybody, but we try to bring out the best in them. Many have never been in front of a microphone before, and they find it a little unsettling. Keep listening and I’m sure we’ll bring you guests that you enjoy.


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  5. Darius Bieber

    Hmm, I hear that the A380 made a pretty disastrous landing at Oshkosh… Some bad news for you guys, huh?

  6. maxflight Post author

    jet bob sent in the text of an article concerning potential buyers for what remains of Eclipse Aviation. A search on the text turned up this as a source:

    Mayor Announces New Plans For Eclipse Aviation

    I won’t quote the entire article (it’s copyrighted) but the gist is a group of buyers has approached the bankruptcy judge with a plan they say is “about 98 percent certain.”

    Read the article for yourself, but I think this group is being a bit optimistic, unless their offer produces the greatest cash value for the eligible creditors. Under this chapter of the U.S. bankruptcy law, that is the court’s sole objective. Not resurrecting the company, not creating jobs, only getting the most immediate money.

    But we’ll see…

    Thanks for the article, Bob!


  7. Darius Bieber

    Did you guys already talk about Lufthansa take-over of BMI? I must have missed it in a podcast.

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