Episode 107 – Farnborough 2010

Max, David, and Rob talk about the recently concluded Farnborough International Airshow 2010, and Dan sends in some information about quarterly airline earnings reports. We have David’s This Week in Aviation, the Australia Desk Report, and listener mail.

The week’s aviation news:


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6 thoughts on “Episode 107 – Farnborough 2010

  1. Max Flight

    [Seb sent this note…]

    Hi Max and the rest of the geeks.

    Just a short note on Farnborough 2010. The overall that I took away from Farnborough is that the aviation industry seems to be stuttering its way into life again. Boeing and airbus have taken over 50 billion in orders, with Airbus coming out top dog announcing 255 orders and commitments worth 28 billion, Virgin America sprung a late show suprise with a deal for up to 60 airbus A320’s, Boeing clocked up 206 sales worth over 23 billion.

    On a personal note, myself and my wife had a fantastic day, the highlight being that we were shown round a C17A-Globemaster 111. We were allowed to go up into the cockpit and I got to sit in the left hand chair, is that the captains chair?, I’m not quite sure with military aircraft. The other star of the show was the Airbus A380 and the Red Arrows. A question for everyone, which are your favourite arerobatics teams? As usual all my photos from Farnborough are on my flicker page http://www.flickr.com/photos/spen258/ .

  2. Max Flight

    [From Carlos…]

    Good day to everyone at Airplane geeks HQ!

    Just returned from a holiday in malta using the amazing Easyjet low cost airline! and much to my relief we had one of there leased B757-200 leased from Astreaus and after finding out we had a 45min delay on the tarmac i proceeded to ask the senior flight attendant if i could visit the flight deck and much to my supprise and my girlfriends disappointment they allowed me to go up to the flight deck i had 30 mins of pure aviation talk which made my day!!! .

    have attached a couple of photos i took on my may up the steps for the geeks website.

    Keep up the good work guys and thanks for the podcast

    Any chance of a mention on the show?

    also would love you guys to if possible run a little piece on the L1011 tristar.

    Take care guys

    Carlos (in the sunny UK!)

  3. Max Flight

    [This from Dave…]

    Dear Geeks,

    Firstly , I just wanted to say how much I look forward to and enjoy the show.
    I’ve been listening since the early episodes and have never contacted you before, but wanted to make a couple of comments about Episode 107 – FarnBURROW as you pronounce it.

    On this side of the pond, we say it like FarnBURRAH, the emphasis being on the brghhh, viabrating your lips, as if you were cold.

    As they say, Britain & the USA separated by a common language !!!

    My second point is about David’s description of Kestrels being large fish eating Eagles.

    As a keen bird watcher, this is something that I do know about! Kestrels are small members of the falcon family, not much bigger than say Pigeons and mainly eat small mammals and birds. You have one in North America, called the American Kestrel – here’s the link to Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falco_sparverius
    I think the large fish eating Eagles that David refers are either Ospreys or Bald Eagles, which are both not much smaller than a small plane !

    As I say, I always love the podcasts and please keep up the good work.


  4. Max Flight

    We received a voice-mail from Mike in Maine, which we’ll play in Episode 108. Mike didn’t think too much of our poking fun at his 80 year old mother who is a new listener. I have an idea how we can make it up to her. As long as she doesn’t hate us now…


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