Episode 111 – Airline Revenue Management

F-15 by Paul Filmer

Guest Jesse Ziglar works for a large airline in revenue management. He was previously with DHL Express, and he interned with Delta Air Lines in schedule planning. Jesse got his private pilot license at Peter O. Knight Airport in Tampa, but went on to earn an under graduate degree in Aviation Management (With Flight) and his flight training ending with commercial, multi-engine, and instrument licenses. Jesse blogs at Airtransparency and has a few things to say about the need for more creativity in the airlines.

The week’s aviation news:


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F-15 photo by Paul Filmer. Find his aviation photography at http://skippyscage.com/.

9 thoughts on “Episode 111 – Airline Revenue Management

  1. Alex

    Hi another good Pod cast, I would like to say to Jesse Ziglar just stop being impatient for change. You contradict yourself, you say you are traditionalist and on the other hand you are saying new methods that you learnt are better than the old methods. To me this is an oxy moron type of thinking. Just get some more experence and stop trying to drive older people out of the industry. We need to eat too you know!
    As for BA, are they reinventing the wheel or is this some sort of new found idea by the press! Apprenticeships where always 3 years of hands on training and theory followed by 1 year at the coal seam. They changed it in Australia so you can take your time, not a good idea and now companies are starting to realise this “Dumbing Down” was not a good idea. Oh Hindsight is so wonderful! or is reaching 50?
    Keep up the good work
    Alex from hot and humid China

  2. Max Flight

    [Keith sent this in. The link is to the Fascinating Aida video singing the Cheap Flights parody…]

    Take a look at the link below


    If there are prizes for guessing your caption picture it is a Grumman G-21A Goose and was taken at the Yanks Air Museum, Chino, CA. Just showing my geek level here !!

    As always many thanks to all of you for the podcasts you produce each week, keep them coming.



    Near RAF Lakenheath and sounds of the F-15s

  3. Max Flight

    Alex, always good to hear from you!

    On patience for change: I’ll be honest with you, I smiled a bit during the recording because it seemed so familiar. It’s the age old struggle between youth and enthusiasm vs. age and experience. In my opinion, it’s a very healthy struggle because it moves us forward, but not recklessly. (I’m not saying Jesse is reckless.) Each “side” needs to listen to and consider the other viewpoint, and reach a conclusion to go forward with.

    Airlines that don’t listen to fresh perspectives become dinosaurs, and we know what happens to dinosaurs.

    Duck if you see a comet coming!

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