Episode 116 – Roving Reporters

David, Rob, Dan, and Max discuss the week’s aviation news. We also have Kimon’s report of a zero-G flight experience, David’s interviews with the MS760 team and The Fighter Factory from the Oceana Airshow, and Max’s interview with Carl Dietrich, co-Founder and CEO of Terrafugia, developers of a “flying car.” Pieter Johnson came in with another Across the Pond, and Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have their Australia Desk report.

The week’s aviation news:


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One thought on “Episode 116 – Roving Reporters

  1. Max Flight

    [Tim writes in to ask for some advice…]

    Hi guys really love your show although I’m a little behind with my pod casts at the moment. I’m planning a trip to Scotland where I can hopefully catch up!

    Just wondered if at all possible you could do a feature on using cam corders in general aviation aircraft. There seems to be a lack of knowledge sharing on the Internet on just how to incorporate internal coms into a cam corder. It’s clearly possible as there are lots of excellent examples on podcasts I.e student pilot log…..

    I’m a general aviation pilot and also a little bit of a geek so I’d love to film some of my little adventures without the constant drone of the engines. I’ve tried putting music to my videos but apparently my choice of music is distasteful. Or so my mates say……

    Know you have lots of great topics to discuss but jus wondered if you could help.

    Tim….. Airplane geek fan just about to order his t-shirt.

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