Episode 119 – Rafael Loves Planes


Guest Rafael Marquez blogs at I Love Planes and tweets as @rafaelmarquez. Rafael and Gavin Werbeloff discuss the weeks aviation news with Max, Rob, David, and Dan. We also have Dan’s interview with David Cush, the CEO of Virgin America, David’s This Week in Aviation, and the Australia Desk report by Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast. Gavin reports on the recent San Francisco Fleet Week Air Show. (His photo above.)

The week’s aviation news:


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2 thoughts on “Episode 119 – Rafael Loves Planes

  1. Errolwi

    Just started listening to this ep during my (short) commute. About burning gas (see, I can speak American!) generating more CO2 than the amount of gas – I thought that odd too when I had to do some calculations at work. Then I realised what is going on. Gas is a hydrocarbon, which is combined with air, and burnt. The carbon from the gas is combined with the oxygen from the air to make CO2. And the resulting CO2 weighs more than the gas used.

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