Episode 132 – (The real one) Peter Sanders

Virgin America

Our guest this episode is Peter Sanders. He’s a Staff Reporter in the Los Angeles bureau of The Wall Street Journal, covering the commercial aerospace industry. Peter earned his PPL at age 17 and has flown a number of airplanes, including Cessnas, Pipers, and a DeHavilland Beaver. He recently wrote a Page One story profiling FiFi, the last flying B-29 bomber, and is an avid ATC enthusiast. Find Peter on Twitter at @PeterSandersWSJ.

We talk about the week’s aviation news, “journalists” who race to be first to “print” without having the full facts, and even the color of the Financial Times. Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast have their Australia Desk Report, and Pieter Johnson brings has an interview with Steve Cook from The Flying Podcast in his Across the Pond segment.

The week’s aviation news:

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