Episode 141 – PT6 Nation

Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6

Guest Matt Perra, spokesperson from Pratt & Whitney Canada, tells us about their new online community, PT6 Nation. This site recently won the Flight Global Webbie Award for “Best Use of Social Media.” Hear Matt describe how they created a dialog with their “citizens” and the value that resulted. He even offers some advice for other companies who want to leverage social media to build a conversation with their customers. Find Matt on Twitter as @MatthewPerra and follow @PT6Nation.

David Vanderhoof provides a fair amout of military aviation insight and also some aviation history. Steve and Grant from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast meet up with past guest @MartinRottler in their Australia Desk Report. Pieter Johnson talks with David Cenciotti in his Across the Pond segment. See David’s photo gallery at Lowpassage.com and his blog at cencio4.wordpress.com.

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