Episode 146 – Ice Pilots

Ice Pilots

Our guest this episode is Mikey McBryan from Buffalo Airways and the TV show Ice Pilots (known as Ice Pilots NWT in Canada). In the U.S., thie show airs Fridays at 10pm ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel. You can follow them on Twitter at @IcePilotsNWT.

The week’s aviation news:

Ice Pilots

Steve Visscher and Grant McHerron from the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast provide their Australia Desk Report. Follow their show on Twitter at @pcdu, Steve at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124.

In this weeks Across the Pond segment, Pieter Johnson talks with Peter Vojinovic from the Tango Six Blog.

Ice Pilots

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8 thoughts on “Episode 146 – Ice Pilots

  1. Alex

    Hi Guys,
    Great POD cast with Mickey, reminded me of when I lived and worked in a hangar in the Australian outback, so many years ago. Things used to go pear shaped at times as we worked 20 hours a day to get the Bell 47’s ready for the mustering season. It was very hot and humid which caused some frayed nerves to show. Mostly though, we all got on and did our jobs as we were a tight bunch. There are many stories and many things that remain in my heart. Flying is a great thing, living it is greater.
    Alex from Hot and Humid China

  2. Dan Simonds

    I enjoyed the interview with Mikey McBryan. I discovered Ice Pilots on TV just a few weeks ago and have only watched 2 episodes. It seems to share the rather inane narrative so common in ‘reality’ TV. But I can forgive a lot for the chance to watch those wonderful, old airplanes – and there’s always the mute button!

    The first episode I watched included a brief scene, featuring a new pilot’s first landing in a DC-4. The instructor’s calm, careful coaching was entirely authentic and I felt lucky to be there watching. After landing, the new pilot reached for the handle to raise the flaps and got his hand slapped by his instructor. The instructor chucked, and apologetically explained that he wanted to make sure the new guy didn’t raise gear. You can’t fake that sort of thing. Good stuff: I’ll be tuning in again.

  3. Mike

    Really loved the interview with Mikey from Buffalo Airways. Of course I also watch the show on TV here in Australia. I was interested to hear Mikey discuss the camera men and how they reduced the number of people filming, partly to fit them in the Aircraft and partly to “keep it real” and not to create scenes, rather to film existing real life scenes.

    I do have one slight annoyance though. On a number of occasions, the regular hosts interrupted Mikey to talk about themselves. We get to hear them every week so maybe they need t be mindful of that. Otherwise, great show and I’m an avid weekly listener as I play the episodes on my ipod through the car’s sound system on my way to work. Good job, Mike

  4. Alex

    Hi Guys,
    Can you tell me if I am dreaming? I just listened to AV web POD cast; on the Centre for Enviromental Health (CEH), they are going to bring litigation against the GA, Aviation Industry for using avgas! This is a complete joke, who will they try to sue next, Government authorities who drive cars? Crazy things come out of your country all the time (with regards to Lawsuits) but, this seems so ridiculous. What next?? Maybe you can do a POD cast on this
    alex China

  5. Carlos E. Del Valle

    Hi geeks, you have been producing a wonderful sequence of classic episodes. The Airport Girl, then Igor Sikorsky, and now McBryan. These are all gonna be in the “Greatest Hist” list! Keep up the great job,
    Carlos E Del Valle

  6. maxflight Post author

    Thanks, Carlos, and all the others who gave us good feedback on this episode and others. While we do have fun doing this podcast, it’s quite a lot of work to produce. Getting great guests is really rewarding, and we get to “meet” some fascinating people. But our listeners are just as fantastic – thanks for listening!

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