Episode 154 – Bits and Pieces VI

Photo by Hornet Hunter (AKA Brodie)

Photo by Hornet Hunter (AKA Brodie)

The Geeks take the week off in celebration of the July 4 holiday, but still manage to assemble enough content for an episode. We have:

  • The Australia Desk from Plane Crazy Down Under.
  • Dan Webb and Courtney Miller on anciliary fees.
  • David Vanderhoof interviews the “Oshkosh Master” about what to expect.
  • Max Flight on how the podcast is made.
  • Feedback from listener Ian Kershaw.


  • Jetride Australia – Fly in an L-39 jet fighter at speeds in excess of 900kph and pulling up to 5Gs.
  • Pracy Racing – The Australian air racing team formed to compete in the jet class at the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada.

Next week we’ll return to our usual format with the full complement of co-hosts and a great guest.

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