Episode 161 – When You Fly

When You Fly

Our guest this episode is Ansel Brown, the award winning country music recording artist who co-wrote (with wife Lisa) and sang the song When You Fly at the final launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, when it returned to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and at AirVenture 2011 in Oshkosh at the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators banquet, and the Women in Aviation breakfast. This moving song was written to honor Lisa’s grandfather Richard Wixom who was inducted into the Wisconson Aviation Hall of Fame in 2010.

Find more about Ansel and his music on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. He also has a home page at AnselBrown.com and you can follow him on twitter at @AnselBrown.

The week’s aviation news:

In this week’s Australia Desk report, Steve and Grant discuss the QANTAS restructure with Will Horton from the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation. Find Steve and Grant on the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and follow the show on Twitter at @pcdu. Steve’s at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124.

This week on Across the Pond, Pieter Johnson covers airport design considerations with information from @plansairports, and provides additional content from last week’s conversation with Steve, an A320 pilot. You can find Steve on Twitter @Thermalhound and Pieter @Nascothornet.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 161 – When You Fly

  1. Jamie Dodson

    Love the Ansel Brown interview and the song. I agree with Dan on the 757, but I suspect fleet density is the real deal. Can’t afford to keep few non-standard planes around. The out takes were great – Dan one, Rob none – or maybe I should say chopped liver.

    Keep on Poding Geek, pod my blues away!

    Cheers! Jamie

  2. Dick Jeffson

    On Will Horten’s interview in the Australia Desk segment…

    Will, you are not digging deeply enough. Your conclusions about Qantas are based on the assumption that the executive managers at Qantas have the same motivations as normal people… that is, wanting to strengthen and grow their company, product and brand.

    In the Qantas case, the executives may have darker motives. You need to investigate the relationships between the current executives, past executives and their mates (such as their aircraft leasing company), and the millions of dollars these execs tried to pocket last time they tried to sell Qantas. See if an analysis of their actions stacks up in THAT context.

    For example, have you EVER seen a CEO so bent on denigrating his own company and his own employees in public, in press interviews, and even in million dollar full page press ads? Every time he opens his mouth in public he devalues the brand. Why?

    These are not the actions of “normally motivated” people.

    So what are their motives? You are a journalist Will… dig a little deeper, and let the scoundrels peddle their own propaganda.

  3. Paul

    Interesting to see how the airlines will cope with an open-source Android device with all of its viruses (the Android store apparently has 37% of its apps that are infected).

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