Episode 163 – Bits and Pieces VII

Micah and Harriet with the Cessna182

The Geeks take the week off in celebration of the Labor Day holiday, so instead of our normal format, we bring you these segments:

Rob Mark speaks with Louis Smith from FltOps.com about the hiring outlook for pilots. Louis was our guest back in Episode 102, Outlook for Professional Pilots. Rob Mark caught up with him at the Regional Airline Pilot Job Fair in Chicago.

David Vanderhoof provided some interviews from AirVenture 2011 at Oshkosh: Jonathan Hartman on the Firefly all-electric technology demonstration helicopter from Sikorsky, Dave Walsh, program Test Director for the Sikorsky X-2 record-breaking helicopter, Kevin Bredenbeck, Chief Pilot and director of flight operations at Sikorsky, and Audrey Schnur from Marketing Communications at GE Aviation (@GEaviation) about GE’s use of social media and their presence at Oshkosh. Also, at the Pax River show, David talked with S-3B Viking pilot Lieutenant John McElroy, who brought in one of three flying.


Sikorsky X-2


This week on Across The Pond, Pieter is joined by a previous Airplane Geeks guest Jon Norris (Episode 122, Jon on the Passenger Experience). Jon has changed his role since we last talked to him and on this segment we will learn about APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association, and the APEX Expo. You can download an iPhone/iPad App for APEX on iTunes.

Jon can be found online at the APEX Editor’s blog or on Twitter at @APEXeditor and @nonnyjorris. Pieter Johnson blogs at alphatangopapa.blogspot.com and on Twitter he’s @Nascothornet.

Next week we’ll return to our usual format with the full complement of co-hosts and a great guest.

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Post Photo: Micah and Harriet in front of the Cessna 182.

2 thoughts on “Episode 163 – Bits and Pieces VII

  1. Jamie Dodson

    Another great Podcast Geeks! While I enjoy the normal (or abnormal?) banter and cacophony of the weekly Geeks podcast, I enjoy “Bits & Pieces” as well.

    David’s in depth interviews at the Oshkosh Sikorsky tent are a case in point. Rob’s discussions with Louis Smith of FltOps.com must be good news for budding commercial pilots. Smith’s point about the tremendous student debt pilots incur with no guarantees of a job was right on the Mark – so to speak.

    And as always the bloopers – this week an extended session. I did miss the PCDU boys Steve and Grant. Maybe Steve’s recent diet and loss of seven kilos made him too weak to turn the dials and connect through Skype.

    Nothing makes the “Honey Do” list speed by like a Geek pod cast.
    Cheers! Jamie

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