Episode 164 – Henry Harteveldt

N7406 c/n 104 Built for Capita Airlines and seen here in June 1962 operating for United. Credit Brian Burridge.

Our guest this episode is industry researcher and analyst Henry Harteveldt. He’s a Co-founder of Atmosphere Research Group where he will head up the airline and travel practice of this research and advisory firm that will look at ecommerce, distribution, marketing and operations planning for airlines, hotel companies, travel agencies, GDS companies, and marketing agencies. Henry can be found on Twitter at @hharteveldt.

The week’s aviation news:

Plane Crazy Down Under

Steve and Grant recorded the Australia Desk Report on location at Coldstream Aerodrome (YCEM) where they had their mobile studio set up for the Australia Centre for Mission Aviation Discovery Day. Find them on the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast, and follow the show on Twitter at @pcdu. Steve’s at @stevevisscher and Grant at @falcon124.

This week on Across the Pond, Pieter Johnson talks to Brian Burrage, co-founder of the Vickers Viscount Network and an ex Rolls Royce Dart Engineer. Brian tells us about the success of the Viscount as Britain’s best post war selling turboprop airliner, being sold world-wide with over 400 being produced. None are left flying but the Viscount Network aims to keep the aircraft awareness high through a fabulous website, talks and visits to the remaining airframes. You can find Pieter Johnson on Twitter at @Nascothornet.

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Post photo: N7406 c/n 104 built for Capita Airlines and seen here in June 1962 operating for United. Credit Brian Burridge.

Post photo: The Plane Crazy crew live on location. Can you name them?

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6 thoughts on “Episode 164 – Henry Harteveldt

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  3. Alex

    Hi Guys,
    Sorry to hear about the accidents you are having in the USA over the last couple of months.
    Alex from Hot and Humid China!

  4. Long Time Listener

    Airplane Geeks,

    I have been an avid listener to your podcast for the past six months and enjoy it thoroughly. I have not written to you before but felt compelled to do so after your recent guest interview with Henry Harteveldt. I must admit that Henry’s interview was completely devoid of any useful information and was simply a plug for his new company. I have no problem with people plugging their own products/services/companies, but they should at least provide *some* useful information to your listeners.

    I realize that what you do is free and voluntary, so please accept this as constructive criticism for what I feel is otherwise an informative, enjoyable, and entertaining Podcast.

    Thanks for reading,
    Long Time Listener.

  5. Rob Mark

    Dear Long Time Listener:

    Since I was wasn’t around for Episode 164, I was truly concerned when I read your note here. I just finished listening to that show a few seconds ago and I’m trying to figure out if we were listening to the same segment.

    Sure I heard Henry talking about his company, but that’s why we invited him, not to mention the chance to hear a bit of his industry expertise, which I think he added in this piece.

    Having been around for much of the last year and a half here, I’m trying to understand what else might have gotten you riled up about the show because I’m having trouble understanding your angst about Henry.

    Perhaps my bias is peeking out, but I can’t say I heard anything that made his explanation of his company and what they do any different from say David Dunlap from Sennheiser, or Susan Elliott from Delta.

    So what did I miss?


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